Wedding signage is the cherry on top of your wedding, the final touch to your reception and the helping hand you need to keep things orderly on your big day. Your wedding signage, when chosen with purpose and crafted with expert hands, can truly make all the difference. In this article, we cover all things related to the signs at your wedding. We'll cover topics like 'what is wedding signage?', and talk about why it's important to use it in the first place. We'll also cover the signs you'll definitely need for your big day, and discuss the optional extras you could incorporate if the basics just don't feel like enough. Along the way, we'll also drop in some wedding signage designs and inspiration, to get you dreaming...

What is wedding signage? 

Wedding signage can be understood as the signs set up around your wedding venue which direct and assist guests during your big day. It can include a number of different signs; for example those which welcome guests to your venue, signal the location of the gifts table, point towards the bar or help lead people to their seats.

Any signage that adds to the organisation and overall experience of your day, can be considered a wedding sign. 

wedding signage welcome sign

Why is wedding signage important?

It keeps things organised and moving

Using signage to keep guests in the know about the schedule and timings of the day - as wedding planners will certainly know - is an organisational must. Because the truth is, your wedding signage can help guests to quickly locate important areas and activities, making an event more efficient and enjoyable for everyone.

Amongst many things, your wedding signs will signal to guests that they can write in your guestbook, take advantage of a photo booth, sit in the right spot at your reception and arrive at the bar just as it opens. 

It's a fantastic way to embellish and add detail

But who are we kidding? This is a wedding we are talking about, and it's not only about organisation. The purpose of wedding signage is naturally twofold; although it provides information to guests so they're kept in the know, it also helps to pull together your wedding aesthetic. 

Adding an effortlessly elegant element of 'attention to detail', wedding signs will do wonders for the overall look of your event, ensuring that everything is how you like it, down to the finest detail.

Customised to fit the theme of your wedding, your signage can be polished and formal, classic and traditional, or it could even include cute and quirky messages. Whatever tone you choose to set, expertly designed wedding signage is a great way to get enhance your style and your day.

What material should I use for my wedding signage?

Although many suppliers of wedding signage create acrylic signs, high-quality card or foam board is an excellent choice if you're hoping to achieve a sophisticated look on your wedding day. Offering a more refined appeal, your design printed onto card and presented with your chosen method (a stand, an easel etc) will offer a beautiful, yet clean look that can't be achieved with other materials.

Opting for card over materials such as plastic is also a more sustainable option for your wedding stationery. This is especially true when you choose a stationery supplier which uses only sustainable paper sources. Learn about Peppermint Press' sustainability initiatives here. 

If you're looking for something a bit quirky, other materials that can be used for your wedding signage include wood, chalk board and glass.

How should I choose my wedding signage?

Couples often find a few different wedding stationery brands they like, but get stuck at the final hurdle; choosing their designs. We totally get it. Arriving at the right design can be challenging, especially since it seems like a very final decision to make, and one which will impact multiple parts of your wedding (from invites, to welcome signs, to table numbers and more).

When choosing your signage, it's important to take into account your colour scheme, your wedding venue and your overall theme. You can even consider the way you want your dress to be or the flowers you want to order. Let's say your event is sleek, modern and focuses on blacks and whites. You're already half way there!

Build upon this foundation by exploring different font options and layouts until you find something that works. When you see the right design, you'll know. So stay patient and work with your designer until you arrive at something that feels right.

How should I display my wedding signage?

Displaying your wedding signage can make all the difference. When presented just right, your shine will shine with character. So for larger signs, it is recommended to use easels for optimal display. Easels ensure that the entire sign is visible, whilst they also look elegant. Otherwise you could also: 

  • Frame it: Place your welcome sign in a decorative picture frame with a stand. This adds an elegant touch and allows you to easily prop it up on a table or any flat surface.
  • Hang it: Consider hanging your welcome sign on a decorative wall hook or using ribbon or twine to suspend it from a tree branch or arch. This creates a unique and eye-catching display.
  • Lean it: Simply lean your welcome sign against a wall, a piece of furniture, or a decorative prop. This relaxed and effortless style adds a touch of charm and works well for a rustic or bohemian-themed wedding.
  • Get creative with stands: Explore alternative stands or holders specifically designed for signage display. Look for options like acrylic sign holders, wooden tripod stands, or metal display stands that can securely hold your welcome sign.

Before you start searching for the above, it's worth checking with your venue to see if they provide anything. You could also inquire with your calligrapher or event rental company for rental options.

Finally, when it comes to small signage, displaying it is a little easier. Smaller signage can be displayed on a tabletop easel, a picture frame with a stand, a wooden block/poster stand or simply propped up against a surface. Fortunately, you should be able to order these things easily online or head into your local stationery store for some inspiration.

Your checklist of wedding signage essentials 

There are a few wedding signage items that you really shouldn't have to go without at your wedding. The following signs are a great way to get you started on your journey to organisational and decorative bliss. 

1. Wedding welcome signs

A stylish welcome to your wedding can be achieved with the help of a beautiful wedding welcome sign. Often placed at the entrance to your event, a well designed wedding sign tells guests that they’ve arrived at the right place and sets the scene for what is to come.

Your welcome sign also provides guests with photo opportunities, helping you to capture memories of your special day.

2. Order of service information signs 

If you're choosing not to print individual orders of service booklets (perhaps to make your event more cost-effective or because you have lots of guests to look after), it might be good idea to incorporate one big order of service or an 'order of the day' poster that covers the entire event. 

A poster detailing the day's events can be an excellent way to keep everyone informed, particularly during dinner time and speeches. It can also make guests feel at ease by allowing them to plan ahead for necessary breaks (for example if they have children).

wedding seating chart

3. Wedding seating charts 

One of the central pieces of wedding signage at your event should be a wedding seating chart. In recent years, these have become an absolute wedding must-have, offering couples a chance to exercise their creativity and make a statement.

Seating charts present guests with an attractive display from which to find their seat. Created to suit the number of guests at your wedding as well as your seating arrangements and particular taste, they can be printed in different sizes and shapes. 

4. Wedding wishing well or gift signs

At most weddings, guests come armed with gifts, so there will need to be an allocated space for these somewhere at your reception. With the help of a well-considered and perfectly sized gift sign, you'll be able to point your guests in the right direction and have them empty their arms without asking you questions.

The same goes for wishing wells. Rather than asking for gift, lots of couples now choose to create a wishing well at their weddings. A more charming and discrete way of requesting cash, a wishing well is often a simple basket or decorative box paired with a sign which gently invites envelopes.

You don't have to make your wishing well the focal point at your venue. Instead, consider placing it in a quiet corner with a beautifully designed sign to inform your guests about its purpose and possibly, how it works.

Not sure how to word your wishing well request? Learn more here. 

wedding table numbers

5. Table numbers

Working in harmony with your seating chart, table number signs help you to show off your style whilst pulling off an efficient reception experience. Serving a very functional purpose, table signs should be clear, visible and complementary of your wedding’s unique aesthetic. 

We think there's something so enticing about a beautifully set table, paired with the fonts and illustrations of an expert table sign - see above!

6. Wedding place cards 

Although they might not typically be considered 'signs' (certainly not very big ones anyway), wedding place cards have a big role to play at a reception, not just for their decorative and sentimental value but also for their organisational function. In the traditional sense, wedding place cards are a stationery item that presents the name of each guest at their designated table and seat. 

Whether your theme is formal, casual, vintage or classic, you can create wedding place cards in line with your seating chart and table numbers for a cohesive look.

guestbook sign for wedding

What other wedding signage can I consider?

1. Wedding guest book signs 

A wedding guestbook is a classic tradition at a wedding, one which many modern day weddings still adopt. Typically a book with empty pages, a guestbook lets family and friends wish you and your partner well, creating memories for you to read later in life.Of course, your guestbook also requires a well considered sign which informs guests about its purpose. Create a beautiful guestbook sign and place it with purpose to encourage as many heartfelt messages as possible.

2. Bar signs

Let’s be honest - the bar at your event is likely to become a focal point. This provides you with a great chance to share your style and add to the guest experience at your wedding.

Wedding bar signs are helpful for two reasons. Firstly, they share with your guests exactly what’s on the menu. Secondly, they offer a chance to get creative and have fun with your wedding stationery and theme. Working with your stationery supplier, craft the perfect bar menu for your event - one that will have your thirsty guests crowding around it.

3. Photo booth sign

Wedding planners often advise including photo booths at a reception. Instead of feeling self-conscious and having a camera pointed at them while dancing, photo booths encourage guests to loosen up and have fun in front of the lens.
For your photo booth, a stylish sign with a fun, personalised message can encourage guests to get involved. Of course, lots of participating guests means more photos for you and thus more memories of your big day.

4. Dessert table signs 

Chosen to put on a dessert buffet at your wedding? We don't blame you. In order to indicate your dessert table, or to even direct guests towards different desserts on the table, you could use a dessert table sign. 

5. Hashtag

Created a wedding hashtag? Why not display it with pride in a couple of spots around your wedding? A wedding hashtag can be a great addition to your event, as it can help you collect photos in one place.

 4. Decorative, sentimental or nostalgic signs 

While there are a number of wedding signs that most couples will want to incorporate into their venues, there's no limit to what you can do. So what about if you're looking for something a little different? Perhaps wanting to add a personal or creative touch to your event?

Whether it's directional signs, decorative signs, signs to represent lost family members, those which represent the cities or countries you've lived in, or any other paper and ink representation of your relationship or wedding, ask us whether we can pull off your dream stationery. We'll always try our best! 



Tips for clear and beautiful wedding signage  

  • Select the right font: Selecting the appropriate font for your wedding sign is essential in communicating your message and establishing the vibe you're searching for. It is recommended to pick a font that is legible and enhances the modern ambiance. 
  • Keep things simple: Modern wedding signs should be easy to read and understand. A major theme we have seen among modern decor is minimalism. Avoid overcrowding the sign with too much information, and keep the design simple with neutral tones or minimal styles of font. 
  • Tie in your wedding theme: The wedding signs should complement your modern wedding theme and colour scheme. Choose colors and materials that tie in with the overall decor, creating a cohesive look and feel.
  • Get the size right: There's really no use in setting up a tiny welcome sign, or something so small that guests have a hard time reading until they're up close. Choose something suitable for your venue and for the purpose of the sign itself. 
  • Have fun with words: Don't be afraid to personalise your signage. It isn't often that you have your own words printed with style for everyone to see. Make the most of your opportunity and bring your cheeky, formal, funny or classical theme to the table with words. 

Can I make my own wedding signage?

Just like making a cake for your own wedding is possible, so is crafting your own wedding signage. In fact, designing and pulling off your own wedding signs can be fun. At the least, it will add a homemade feel and personal touch to your event. However just like making your own wedding cake, there are some things to consider before you start:

  • Do I have the time?
  • Will my stationery give off the impact I'm hoping for?
  • Can I keep my signs consistent with each other (and my wedding theme)?
  • Do I have access to the right materials and resources?

Happy with your answers? You might be the right candidate for homemade wedding signage. Looking for a more polished or chic look for your wedding? A professional wedding stationery company is more likely to satisfy your needs. 

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