Wedding seating charts by Peppermint Press

Your wedding seating chart offers you a chance to share your personal style, whilst also promoting seamlessness at your event. Our array of design collections - each including elegant fonts, calligraphy and decorative elements - can be customised to ensure that your seating chart not only serves a purpose, but stands out at your reception. 

What you’ll need to know about wedding seating charts:

What are wedding seating charts?

A wedding seating chart serves as a visual guide for guests to find their designated seats or tables at the reception. The chart is usually displayed near the entrance to the reception area, allowing guests to easily locate their assigned seating. 

A seating chart with Peppermint Press is beautifully designed to match your wedding theme, often incorporating elegant fonts, decorative elements, and a clear layout.

How big are wedding seating charts?

Peppermint Press wedding seating charts are available in A1 (594x841mm) as a standard, but they are also available in a smaller size (594x1000mm) and in A0 (841x1189mm). If you require a different size please let us know and we can provide a quote accordingly.

When should I order my wedding seating chart?

We understand that a wedding seating chart can be the last piece of the puzzle for many weddings - what with late RSVPs and changes to the seating plan. However, it is important that we receive your order for a seating chart at least five weeks before you need to display it at your event. 

If you’re located outside of Australia, you’ll need to allow an extra two weeks.

What is the best way to create my wedding seating chart?

Once you have ordered a wedding seating chart on our website, one of our expert designers will be in touch to help you navigate the process. Through the use of our design questionnaire and feedback rounds, you’ll swiftly arrive at the perfect seating chart, requesting amendments where you see it necessary.

What can I use to support or frame my seating chart?

You’ll want to display your wedding seating chart where everyone can see it. Therefore, here are some common options for elegantly displaying your sign:

  • Easel: Choose a decorative easel that complements your wedding theme, such as a vintage-inspired or ornate one. 
  • Frame: Choose a freestanding frame to display your seating chart and match it with your wedding style; whether it's rustic, modern, or ornamental.
  • Decorative display: You can place your seating chart on a decorative table stand or holder. Look for options that match your wedding decor or theme, such as metal scrollwork stands or ornate table easels.
  • Hanging display: You can hang your chart from a decorative hook, a string, or a decorative ribbon.

If you are working with a wedding stylist they should be able to provide options as well. Should you want to have your sign be freestanding, we also offer struts which adhere to the reverse of the sign which will

If you have any other questions at all please let us know via live chat or email at and we would love to help!