Wedding drinks menus by Peppermint Press

Wedding drinks menus add a layer of detail and sophistication to your wedding dining experience. At Peppermint Press, our drinks menus tie in beautifully with your food menus and contribute to the overall ambiance of the event.

What you’ll need to know about wedding drinks menus:

Do I need to provide every guest with a wedding drinks menu?

Providing drink menus to all guests is not mandatory, but it can elevate the overall guest experience at your wedding. While particularly useful for larger events or when accommodating various preferences, drink menus also enhance aesthetics, organisation, and personalisation. 

The choice ultimately rests with you - whether you decide to provide individual drink menus to each guest, place menus on tables, or display a prominent menu card on the bar for all to see.

Should I use a wedding bar sign or individual wedding drinks menus?

Whether it's a selection of signature cocktails, a variety of wines and beers, or non-alcoholic options, wedding drinks menus ensure that guests are aware of the beverage offerings.

At Peppermint Press, we offer our customers not only drinks menus but also bar signs. Depending on your budget and your preferences, you may choose one or even both of these options at your event. 

Individual drink menus offer you the chance to create beautiful table settings and a more personal experience for guests at their tables. On the other hand, wedding bar signs can be displayed on bars using larger signage and can be a cheaper option.

Whether to choose one or the other (or both) is up to you, but it ultimately depends on the size of your wedding, your budget and your preferences. 

If you have any other questions at all please let us know via live chat or email at and we would love to help!