Wedding favour tags by Peppermint Press

Allow Peppermint Press to create beautiful wedding tags for your special day. Our tags serve as a final touch to your wedding favours, enhancing the overall presentation of your event and creating a memorable keepsake for the guests.

What you’ll need to know about wedding favour tags:

What are wedding favour tags used for?

Wedding favor tags are small labels or cards attached to your wedding favours. Favour tags serve multiple purposes, including adding a personal touch to your gifts, conveying gratitude, and providing a decorative element.

What is typically written on favour tags?

Favour tags typically feature the couple's names, the wedding date, perhaps a thank-you message, or a short note expressing appreciation to guests. 

How can I attach my wedding favour tags?

Peppermint Press favour tags include a hole and are easily attached with any string or twine that fits the theme of your favours. You could also use a thin ribbon of a colour that seamlessly matches your wedding aesthetic.

If you have any other questions at all please let us know via live chat or email at and we would love to help!