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Wedding ceremony booklets

Peppermint Press wedding ceremony booklets are beautifully printed guides that outline the sequence of events during a ceremony. Featuring details such as the order of proceedings, names of the bridal party and readings, they are often adorned with decorative elements and eventually become cherished keepsakes that evoke memories of your special day.

What you’ll need to know about ceremony booklets:

What information is included in a wedding ceremony booklet?

Wedding ceremony booklets serve as a comprehensive guide for guests, ensuring they have all the necessary information to participate in and understand your ceremony. A wedding ceremony booklet typically includes the following information:

  • Cover: Featuring the names of the couple and the wedding date.
  • Welcome message: A warm message from the couple welcoming guests to the ceremony.
  • Order of service: A detailed outline of the ceremony events, including the processional, readings, exchange of vows and rings, special rituals, hymns or songs.
  • Bridal party: Names and titles of the members of the bridal party, such as the bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, ring bearers, and any other important participants.
  • Readings and songs: The names of the readings, poems, or passages that will be shared during the ceremony, along with the names of the readers or performers.
  • Special rituals: Explanation of any special traditions, providing background and significance.
  • Acknowledgments: A section dedicated to acknowledging important individuals or groups involved in the wedding.
  • Personal messages: Messages from the couple expressing their appreciation for their guests.
  • Additional information: Such as directions to the reception venue, details about transportation, or special instructions.
How many wedding ceremony booklets do I need to order?

Typically, all guests at your wedding will be provided with wedding ceremony booklets. However, the most important thing is that each guest has access to a booklet so they can follow along with the ceremony. It's also a good idea to order a few extra booklets as backups or keepsakes for yourself and close family members.

Considering a less costly option? An alternative option to providing all guests with a wedding ceremony booklet is to provide one large sign at the entrance of your wedding ceremony which outlines the information outlined above.

When should I give guests their wedding ceremony booklets?

Wedding ceremony booklets can be distributed to guests as they arrive at the ceremony venue or they can be placed on seats for guests to pick up as they enter.

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