Personalised wedding welcome signs

Welcome your guests in style and assure them that they've reached the perfect venue with our personalised welcome signs. Our meticulously designed signs serve as a charming introduction, setting the tone for your event before guests even walk through the door.

What you’ll need to know about wedding welcome signs:

How big are Peppermint Press wedding welcome signs?

At Peppermint Press, our wedding welcome signs are printed on rigid 5mm foam board and in A1 size. However, should you prefer to have your wedding sign in a different shape, you are able to choose this upon checkout.

If you would like a sign in a different size please contact us and we can organise this for you.

What text should be included on wedding welcome signs?

The specific details on a wedding welcome sign vary based on personal preferences, however, here are some common elements:

  • Welcome message: A warm message such as "Welcome to our Wedding".
  • Names of the couple: For example, "John & Emily's Wedding".
  • Date: The date of the wedding.
  • Venue name: The name and/or location of the wedding venue.
  • Additional details: Further information such as the ceremony start time, reception details, or any special instructions.
Does Peppermint Press offer personalised wedding welcome signs?

Our wedding welcome signs are created in line with our unique design collections, helping you to achieve a cohesive look across your wedding. However, we do offer a certain amount of freedom for personalisation of wedding signage. 

You are free to change the wording, the colour and the shape of your wedding welcome sign. This can be discussed with your personal designer during the design process. 

Please note that whilst we are determined to create a truly bespoke experience that reflects your unique vision, we will also provide advice and guidelines which will help you to improve the quality and appearance of your sign.

What can I use to support or frame my wedding sign?

A Peppermint Press wedding welcome sign deserves to be displayed with pride and attention to detail. Here are some common options:

  • Easel: Choose a decorative easel that complements your wedding theme, such as a vintage-inspired or ornate one. 
  • Frame: Choose a freestanding frame to display your welcome sign and match it with your wedding style; whether it's rustic, modern, or ornamental.
  • Decorative tabletop display: You can place your welcome sign on a decorative table stand or holder. Look for options that match your wedding decor or theme, such as metal scrollwork stands or ornate table easels.
  • Hanging display: Hang your from a decorative hook, a string, or a decorative ribbon. 

Find inspiration for your wedding welcome sign in our blog post.

If you have any other questions at all please let us know via live chat or email at and we would love to help!