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Personalised wedding coasters 

Make your table setting even more beautiful with our premium keepsake coasters, expertly printed on high quality card. These contemporary mementos will capture the essence of your day and ensure that your guests remember it forever. 

What you’ll need to know about wedding coasters:

What material are Peppermint Press wedding coasters made of?

Peppermint Press wedding place card coasters are printed onto high quality 300 - 350GSM card and are die cut. This gives all coasters a premium feel and touch. 

Our keepsake coasters are printed onto premium coaster board and are the same material you would find at a restaurant or bar.

Can I create personalised wedding coasters?

Peppermint Press wedding coasters are created in line with our beautiful design collections. However, we do offer a certain amount of freedom for personalisation.

Both the wording and the colour of your wedding coasters can be changed. Some of our coasters also offer you the chance to print individual guests’ names. Your designer will provide opportunities for customisation throughout the process. 

Please note that whilst we are determined to create a truly bespoke experience that reflects your unique vision, we will also provide advice and guidelines which will help you to improve the quality and appearance of your product. 

What is the difference between a place card coaster and keepsake coaster?

At Peppermint Press, we offer two types of personalised wedding coasters. Keepsake coasters can be considered similar in function and material to the kind of coaster you would find at a bar. These are made of coaster board, however they do not allow for personalisation including individual names. 

On the other hand, place card coasters are printed onto premium card stock and double up as name cards. These wedding coasters can therefore be personalised to include individual guest names.

If you have any other questions at all please let us know via live chat or email at and we would love to help!