How we work

At Peppermint Press, we make the process of designing and printing your stationery enjoyable and stress-free. This page includes an overview of our process, as well as the expected time frame to receive your order.

Overall, we recommend that you allow 3 - 6 weeks from purchase to having your stationery printed and delivered to your door, but can be faster or slower depending on the complexity of your order and your chosen print method.



Once you have made your purchase, we will contact you to begin your design consultation.

This is where you will provide us with your wording and colour theme for us to design your stationery for you.



After you have approved your stationery design, we will organise for your order to be printed for you.

Printing your order will take 2 - 4 weeks, depending on your choice of print method.



With your stationery printed, we will check, pack and ship your stationery to you.

You will receive your stationery ready to assemble and deliver to your guests or set up for your event.

Colour themes

We have taken the guess work out of pairing colours for each piece of your stationery.

Our colour themes are a collection of on trend palettes that allow you to easily pair your stationery to your event. You will choose your colour theme during your consultation, and can change your mind anytime before print.


A soft mix of neutral shades.


Earthy, rustic tones balanced with neutrals for visual impact. 


Delicate shades of pink with warm greys and white.


Modern monochromatic shades with a burst of coral.


Traditional duck egg with warm greys. 


Contemporary monochrome shades.


Sage highlights with wheat and latte.


Hunter and seedling balanced with neutral shades.

If you know exactly what colours you're after - let us know during your consultation and we can build a colour theme just for you.

Print methods

The print method is the process used to create your stationery. Modern print methods allow for a variety of options at different price points. Below is a summary that describes and shows examples of each to help you make the right decision for your pieces.

Digital printing

Digital printing is where the ink lays flat on the card. This is a flexible option that allows printing in full colour, as well as white ink that pairs beautifully on dark colours for beautiful contrast and clarity.


Letterpress is a traditional and authentic process where your collection design is stamped into thick card, leaving a luxurious impression in the paper.

Foil press

Foil press uses heat to fuse metal foil to card stock, leaving a detailed metallic shine to your paper. 

We will work with you to make producing your event stationery
an enjoyable process right from the beginning.

If you have any questions at all please contact us via email or live chat.