Most couples nowadays prefer to receive cash over gifts at their weddings. Although a new toaster might be well received, cash can be more helpful during this costly time, contributing towards honeymoon plans or wedding expenses. As a result, it’s very common for couples to set up a wedding wishing well; a box within which guests can drop money as a gift. The only problem is, asking friends and family for money can feel a little uncomfortable. Struggling to find the words? In this article, find some thoughtful wedding wishing well wording that comes across breezy yet polite, and grateful yet honest.

Wedding wishing well wording

It’s a query that comes up when selecting invitations; what should my wedding wishing well wording be? What words can I use to make it feel that little less awkward? And if you’ve been thinking about this, you’re not alone. It is totally understandable that wording your gift preferences can be difficult and many coupes struggle with the concept. 

It normally goes something like this; although you are happy to host your guests on your wedding day, the truth is that costs do add up. Ultimately, how can you get your wishing well wording just right, so to make guests feel welcome and comfortable whilst also nudging them in the direction of gifting cash rather than a salad bowl (that you don’t necessarily need)?

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to word your gift preferences that are polite, friendly and not at all pushy. In this article, we show you just how to achieve this.

However first, a little information on wishing wells and the protocols behind implementing one at your event. 

What is a wedding wishing well? 

A wedding wishing well is typically a box at a wedding within which guests can deposit cash gifts for a newly married couple. It's as simple as that. With cash often preferred over physical gifts at a modern day celebration, a wishing well is a convenient and tidy way to accept money and cards from guests. Wishing wells can be customised with creative decor and are paired with wishing well signage to  helps guests understand where they can leave their cards. 

How do I introduce our wishing well?

There are two key components to your wedding wishing well that you will have to put in place in order to ensure that guests are fully informed about your gift preferences. 

Note on gifts 

Firstly, upon sending wedding invitations, it is important to send out a ‘note on gifts’. Typically, this is sent as a separate piece of card in the same envelope as your invites.

On this piece of card, you will be able to write a note about your gift preferences as a couple; for example whether you welcome gifts, whether you’d prefer honeymoon spending money, or whether you want no gifts at all.

This if often the part the couples find most difficult to word. But by using personalised and well-considered wording, you will be able to make your request more intimate (more to come on this!).

See an example of a ‘note on gifts’ here. 

Wishing well signage 

Secondly, at your wedding venue you will want to allocate a space for your wishing well and make it identifiable using a clear and nicely designed sign. Your wishing well signage doesn’t have to be complex or explain anything in detail, since your guests will have received the more in-depth information along with their invitations. 

See an example of wedding wishing well signage here. 

Wedding wishing well examples 

In the remainder of this article we provide thoughtful examples of wishing well wording, which portrays a friendly tone but also helps you to speak openly about your preferences. 

Already got an idea in mind? Send us a message and we’ll work with you to design your perfect wedding invitations and signage.

Simple wishing well wording

Example #1

Your presence at our wedding is a gift in itself. However, if you would like to contribute to our future together as a couple, a wishing well will be available at our reception.

Example #2

Your gift of love and support is all we need on our special day. However, if you would like to give a gift, we will have a wishing well at our reception.

Example #3

We are blessed to not only have each other, but the guests who will make our wedding day so special. We’d rather not receive gifts, but if you’d like to contribute to our wedding and our future together, we will have a wishing well at our reception to which you can contribute. 

Playful poems wishing well wording

Short and sweet

Your love and laughter at our wedding is all we truly need.

But a wishing well contribution will be warmly received.

For honeymooners 

Your presence at our wedding is present enough, so don't worry about gifts, we have plenty of stuff.

However, if you were thinking of helping us on our way, some money towards our honeymoon would truly make our day.

We'll remember your kindness wherever we roam, before we settle down and build a home.

Thank you for sharing our special day, and helping us on our journey in every way.

Love and friendship 

We’re simply so grateful for your presence here, to celebrate our love and cheer.

As we begin our journey anew, we’ll cherish your friendship into our future, too.

If you’d like to contribute to our wishing well, however, you’ll help us create memories tonight and forever.

Whether big or small, it's the thought that counts, and we'll be thankful for every penny that amounts.

Thank you for your love, support, and care. Mostly it means the world that on our day you were there.

Purposeful wishing well wording

A new home

Your presence on our wedding day is the most special gift we could possibly ask for. However, if you do wish to bless us and contribute to our future together, we are saving for our new home. A wishing well will be present at our reception. 

The honeymoon

#1 We’re thrilled that you’re able to make it to our wedding - that’s more than enough for us. However, if you would like to bring us something, spending money for our honeymoon would be most appreciated. 

#2 Your presence on our wedding day is the best gift of all, but if you would like to help us create special memories on our honeymoon, we've set up a wishing well where you can contribute to our honeymoon fund.

Wedding costs

We are thrilled to celebrate our special day with all of our loved ones. And of all gifts you could bring, your presence is the most cherished. However, if you would like to contribute to our wedding costs, we will have a wishing well set up at our reception. We appreciate your love and support and can't wait to create unforgettable memories together on our wedding day.

Formal wishing well wording

Example #1

While your presence on our wedding day is a cherished gift, we understand some guests like to offer more. In lieu of a traditional gift, we would be grateful for a monetary contribution towards our life together. If you would like to participate, you can leave your donation and well wishes in our wishing well, which will be available at our reception.

Example #2

As we embark on this new chapter of our lives, we are grateful for the love and support of our family and friends. If you feel inclined to contribute to our wedding costs and the beginning of this next step in our lives together, we have set up a wishing well where you can leave your well wishes and support. No matter how big or small, your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Casual wishing well wording 

Example #1

No gifts are necessary - we just want to see you! If you do wish to give us a little something, a little cash to spend on our honeymoon (or our new home) would be very much appreciated.

Example #2

We can't imagine our wedding day without having all our loved ones here to celebrate with us. We know some of you have come from far and wide, and we're so grateful for the effort you've taken. If you'd like to give a little something extra to help start our journey on the right foot, we've got a wishing well set up where you can drop your cash and loving messages. Thank you all for being a part of our day.

Example #3

We don't need big presents, just the presence of our loved ones. However, if you would like to contribute to our honeymoon (or future home), we have a wishing well set up at our reception.

Example #4

Having you all with us on our special day is a dream come true. We're so grateful for the effort you've taken to be here. If you'd like to give a little something extra to help start our journey on the right foot, we will have a wishing well set up where you can drop any cash you’d like to contribute.

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