Your wedding day is getting closer and closer - time to consider all things wedding stationery. Beautiful wedding stationery is a wonderful addition to any wedding, helping couples to style their venue and create a seamless wedding look. But in addition to its aesthetic benefits, well-considered wedding stationery can also help you to organise your event and keep guests informed about the running of the day. Starting your search for the perfect on the day stationery? In this article, we provide a helpful list of on the day wedding stationery essentials, making sure that you don't miss a single thing.

Wedding stationery you'll need on the day 

It's understandable that you're feeling a little daunted by the prospect of organising the finer details of your wedding. But with your invites well and truly sent, it is time to turn your attention to that which will be there with you on your wedding day; your on the day wedding stationery. 

The good news is, working on your wedding stationery is arguably one of the most fun parts of planning your wedding (of course, we are slightly biased). During this phase, you'll get the chance to truly tighten your theme and pull together all the finer details.

With Peppermint Press, you'll work with one designer throughout your order, who will work to integrate your vision into your dream stationery. See our stationery collections here. 

What on the day wedding stationery do I need?

The truth is - it's totally up to you. We would suggest that essential on the day wedding stationery includes a wedding seating chart, table numbers and wedding place cards. However beyond this, it is up to your personal taste as a couple.

Some engaged couples enjoy selecting one design collection that they adore, and using it across their entire invitation suite and their on the day items. Convinced of the value it will bring to their event, they like to go all out with their stationery creating maximum impact across their wedding venue and look.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Other couples prefer to pick and choose what is important to them at their events; they're happy to either go without some items (such as coasters), or make them themselves (such as favour tags).

The wedding stationery you actually need also depends on several factors, including the number of guests, the kind of venue you've chosen or the wedding you're planning. For example, you might like to create a ceremony sign rather than ceremony booklets if you're hosting 250 people. Meanwhile, you might not have a photo booth and therefore don't need a photo booth sign. 

Your list of on the day wedding stationery

Still need some time to learn what's what in the world of wedding stationery? From the important seating charts and table numbers, to the optional coasters, in this article we share a complete list of on the day wedding stationery. 


When it comes to wedding tablescapes, a menu is a great way to pull it all together. Not only decorative but also serving a very useful purpose, your menus (potentially paired with name tag, coasters and gift tags) puts guests in the know about your reception meal. Whether you've gone for a sit down meal or a buffet style event, menus tell guests what they have to look forward to, whilst they also add a dash of colour, personalisation and professionalism to your big day.

Browse Peppermint Press menus here. 

Drinks menus 

Accompanying your individual guest menus, drink menus list all the refreshments and bar options available for your guests. Place yours neatly with your food menu on tables, or otherwise opt for just two of three drinks menus which sit on the bar itself. Whichever way you chose to do it, your drinks menus are sure to add a touch of sophistication.

See drinks menus here. 

wedding coasters


Coasters are a fun little addition to your wedding, and offer guests something to take home with them as a reminder of the day. Personalise yours with your guests' names to make a truly personal touch. 

Browse coasters here.

Favour tags 

Speaking of personal touches, favour tags make for another sweet way to add a sense of warmth and give thanks to guests. Favour tags are commonly used on favours for weddings, but their versatility allows them to be used to embellish various items. For example, you could put yours on a decorative mason jar filled with paper straws, around a small vase or even on wedding invitations. They could also be tied to your bridal party's gifts to thank them for their role on your special day.

Find the right favour tags for your special day here. 

cards and gifts wedding stationery

Wishing well / cards and gifts 

It's likely that at your wedding you'll have a cards and gifts table or perhaps a wishing well. In order to make sure guests have no questions surrounding where to leave their gifts, create a 'cards and gifts' sign and leave it in a visible location. 

Browse cards, gifts and wishing well signage. 

Ceremony booklets

It's not always clear what the order of the day is at your wedding. That's where ceremony booklets come in. Allowing guests to fully understand what's next at your ceremony, these books can include speakers, songs and celebrant details as well as any other information that you would like printed. Personalise yours and create touching mentos for your guests to take home. 

Choose the design of your ceremony booklet here. 

wedding table numbers

Table numbers 

It wouldn't be a list of on the day wedding stationery without including table signs. Well-considered table number signs work in perfect harmony with your seating chart. Contributing to your tablescape, they also assist you in pulling off an efficient reception experience. Serving a very functional purpose, your table numbers should be clear, visible and complementary of your wedding’s unique aesthetic. 

Browse table numbers here. 

Guest book sign

The tradition of having a wedding guestbook is a classic one that many modern-day weddings still embrace. Typically, the guestbook consists of empty pages that allow family and friends to leave wishes for you and your partner, creating lasting memories for you to read and cherish in the years to come. It's a timeless ideas. To ensure that as many heartfelt messages as possible are written in the guestbook, create a sign that draws in guests. 

Find your perfect guest book sign here. 

Photo booth sign

edding planners often suggest incorporating photo booths into a reception to help guests loosen up and have fun in front of the camera without feeling self-conscious while dancing. To encourage guests to partake in the photo booth, have an eye-catching sign with a fun message displayed at its entrance. The more guests who participate in the photo booth, the more photos and memories you'll have to take home.

Browse photo booth signage. 

Welcome signs 

If anything needs to stand out at your wedding, it's your welcome sign. Often placed at the entrance to your event, a beautiful wedding sign tells guests that they’ve arrived at the right place and sets the scene for what is to come. Your welcome sign also provides guests with photo opportunities at the entrance of your event before the fun starts. 

Make a great first impression with a Peppermint Press welcome sign. 

seating signage

Seating charts 

A wedding seating chart is a crucial piece of signage at your event. And whilst it is super helpful in the organisation of your wedding, it can also be a great statement piece helping you to show off your style and make an impression. Seating charts can be printed in various sizes and shapes to accommodate the number of guests attending your wedding as well as your seating arrangements and personal taste.

Select a seating chart from Peppermint Press. 

Place names 

If you've got a seating charts and table numbers, the last thing you'll need to pull off your wedding reception is place names. Often printed on small pieces of paper, place names can be designed to perfectly finish off your menus and table arrangements. 

Select your place cards. 

Other wedding signage 

Missing something? Perhaps there is a particular wedding signage element that we haven't mentioned in our list of on the day wedding stationery that could enhance your wedding day.

Learn more about wedding signage here. 

Keep things cohesive with on the day wedding stationery from Peppermint Press

Choose Peppermint Press as your on the day wedding stationery provider and create a seamless collection of high-quality wedding stationery. Tie together the final details of your wedding by choosing a collection which matches your venue and personal taste. 

Your designer will walk you through all the steps of the process to ensure that you receive wedding signage and stationery that represents you as a couple. 

Do you have any questions? Speak to us.  


A really wonderful, comprehensive list. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise. I would never have thought of coasters, what a novel idea!

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