Filled with love, laughter and a touch of chaos, planning a wedding is exciting to say the least. But with flowers to choose, dresses to try on and seating plans to obsess over, the process of tying together all the little pieces can be stressful. Amongst the chaos of it all, we think it's a good idea to use a wedding checklist. Whether you're organising your Australian wedding on a secluded beach in Queensland, or in the beating heart of Adelaide, a wedding supplier checklist can help you feel organised. Bring peace to your pre-wedding season with our helpful supplier checklist and keep your cool in the lead up to your big day!

Organisation amongst wedding chaos 

Sandy beaches, breathtaking landscapes, and vibrant cities; you've chosen to plan your wedding here at home in Australia. And we don't blame you. With its endless stunning backdrops and diverse scenery, you've got a whole lot of destinations to choose from. Plus, with this country's endless array of incredible local suppliers (we're talking cake, florists, stationery providers - you name it), there's a possibility for you to create any kind of wedding you like.

But with all that choice comes a lot of work. From finding the perfect venue that'll make your heart skip a beat, to curating an exquisite menu that will tantalise taste buds, many couples are overwhelmed with options. 

In this article, we help you navigate these overwhelming times. Our wedding supplier checklist for Australia, will provide you with handy advice, inspiration, and practical tips to ensure your wedding day is nothing short of extraordinary. It doesn't matter whether you're planning an intimate affair at a winery or a big wedding at a hotel, our supplier checklist will be of help.

So, grab a cuppa, sit back, and let us be the organisation amongst your hectic wedding planning. But most importantly, get ready to say "I do" to the Australian wedding of your dreams.

Your wedding checklist Australia 

So you've recently got engaged and it's time to start pulling some plans together. But where do you start? What should you start researching? And who do you have to contact? There are a number of pretty much essential items and services you'll need at your wedding. We'll lay these out for you below in our supplier checklist.

1. Venue 

First things first - your wedding venue. When you plan your wedding, finding the perfect venue is the part that really starts getting the creative juices flowing. Walking through your venue for the first time, you'll begin to imagine your special day more than ever before.

So when it comes to picking a venue, take your time. Do the research, read reviews, and visit potential spots to see what ticks all the boxes. Allow yourself to change your mind when something feels right, but stick to what you've been dreaming of as much as possible. Typically, we would recommend visiting at least three venues before choosing, since it's always good to compare.

Remember, this is your day to shine. Happy hunting!

2. Wedding invitations 

Wedding invitations spring to mind pretty quickly after you've organised some of your initial details. Plus, even sooner than that, you might like to send out save the dates. Accordingly, one of the very first suppliers you might need is a wedding stationery provider!

Don't underestimate the importance of working with the right wedding stationery brand. Not only will your invitations set the scene for your upcoming event, but the quality of the product you choose can have a big impact on the final invitations. 

Start by exploring the portfolios of wedding stationery companies to ensure they align with your style and vision. Consider their expertise in customised designs (if that's important to you) their paper quality, and printing techniques.

Reviews and testimonials can provide insight into their professionalism and customer service. Communication is key, so find a stationer who is responsive and willing to collaborate with you patiently. Lastly, don't forget to discuss pricing and timelines to ensure they fit within your budget and wedding planning schedule.

3. Dress

Many women dream of the moment they get to try on their wedding dress. And because it's such a monumental moment, choosing the right place to get your wedding dress is crucial. Start by researching reputable bridal boutiques and stores in your area, considering their positive reviews, wide dress selection, and experienced consultants.

Take a moment to determine your budget and find places that offer dresses within your price range. You'll then want to schedule appointments at your selected boutiques to try on dresses. Find a place where you feel super comfortable, confident, and excited about finding your dream wedding dress!

4. Florist

There are literally hundreds of incredible florists in Australia ready to turn your venue from blank canvas to enchanting wedding venue. Each with their own personal style, there'll be one to match yours.

Start by seeking recommendations from newlyweds, or read online reviews to gain insight into others' experiences. Research local florists, review their portfolios, and check their expertise in wedding arrangements. You can then start scheduling consultations with potential florists to discuss ideas, ask questions, and assess their professionalism and compatibility. Ultimately, you'll want to choose one which understands your vision and can bring it to life. You'll be amazed at what magic a florist can achieve when you pick the right one!

5. Photographer and/or videographer 

Choosing the right photographer or videographer for your wedding will add an extra sprinkle of magic to your event. When all is said and done, few things possess the power to transport you back to the fun of your wedding day quite like your cherished photos and videos.

One of the best ways to pick your photographer is to seek recommendations. Once you've got a few individuals lined up, schedule meetings to ensure a perfect match. Consider pricing packages, including additional photographers or videographers, coverage hours, and delivery timelines and you'll be well on your way to deciding. 

At the end of the day, you should choose someone who not only possesses technical mastery but also makes you feel comfortable and confident. Your wedding photos and videos will be cherished for a lifetime, so find that one-in-a-million artist who captures the essence and emotions of your extraordinary day. 

6. Wedding stationery 

Wedding stationery isn't only about wedding invitations. Far from it - there's a whole lot of wedding stationery you'll need for your event that you might not have even thought about yet. Looking for some help? Check out this list of on the day wedding stationery essentials. 

Once you've got a good idea about what your must-haves are, spend some time researching wedding stationery businesses in Australia. Which brands match your style? Which offer the best quality card? And which offer the time of day to discuss options and provide personalisation? All of these things will help you figure out which wedding stationery provider is right for you.

7. Celebrant / registrar  

Depending on the kind of wedding you're planning, you'll need a registrar or a celebrant. Not sure which is which? A registrar has legal authority to marry couples, ensuring all legal requirements are met. They conduct the ceremony. In contrast, a celebrant crafts personalised ceremonies that embody the couple's love story and values.

Once you've figured out what it is you need, it's time to select the person who will make your day special. Just remember, they'll play a big part, so it's worth choosing someone who you trust and get on well with. Look for someone who understands your vision and can bring your love story to life.

8. Caterer 

Whilst some venues will offer catering as part of their package, others require outside caterers. Although this means you've got your work cut out, choosing a caterer is naturally one of the most enjoyable and exciting parts of wedding planning.

With endless options in Australia; from rustic Italian feasts to molecular 5-course gastronomic experiences, it's really a case of considering what you love as a couple, and doing a Google search. 

Before you sign the contract, here are a few things you'll need to think about:

  • Venue experience: Inquire if the caterer has worked at your chosen venue before and if they can accommodate your vision at that location 1.
  • Menu options: Discuss whether the caterer offers a static menu or can create a custom menu to suit your preferences.
  • Tasting: Ask if you can sample the food ahead of time to ensure it meets your expectations.
  • Pricing: Clarify if the caterer charges a bulk fee or a cost per person and if they can accommodate special meal requests like children's meals or vendor meals.
  • Logistics: Determine how much space and time the caterer will need for set-up and clean-up at your venue.
  • Payment and Policies: Inquire about the deposit amount, payment schedule, cancellation policy, rescheduling policy, and any additional fees such as travel or delivery fees.
  • Licenses and Safety: Confirm that the caterer holds the necessary licenses and adheres to food safety regulations.

9. Cake 

When do you ever get to have a gigantic cake made for yourselves, other than at your wedding? In other words, if you don't choose the perfect cake now, when will you? Whether you live in Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns or Perth, you'll find a host of incredible cake suppliers waiting to make your cake dreams come true!

One of the best ways to find your perfect cake supplier is by heading to Pinterest or Instagram and becoming familiar with your own taste. How do you like your cake to look? How many tiers do you prefer? Which flavours do you enjoy? Do you prefer a polished look or a rustic appearance? With some pictures in hand, you'll be ready to approach cake makers. Well practised in their trade, your chosen cake maker will be able to guide you through the process.

10. Wedding planner 

Deciding whether or not to hire a wedding planner is a big decision! Many couples love to hire a wedding planner superhero, who can swoop in to save the day and make your dream wedding a reality. With their expertise and industry connections, they'll take care of all the nitty-gritty details while you focus on enjoying the process.

On the other hand, if you're a DIY enthusiast and love the thrill of planning every little aspect yourself, then you might want to channel your inner wedding ninja and take charge. It all comes down to your personal style, available time, and budget. 

Decided to invest in a wedding planner? We don't blame you. Through some Google searching, Instagram browsing and through friend recommendations, you'll find the perfect planner for you.

11. Musician / DJ

Choosing the perfect musical act for your wedding is like finding the rhythm to your love story. Getting it right will add a seamless soundtrack to your day.

To begin, you'll want to think about setting the mood: decide if you want sweet melodies or a dance floor frenzy. Next, turn up the volume on research and recommendations - ask friends, read reviews, and watch videos about weddings you thought were great fun.

Get face-to-face or virtual and meet with potential acts, sharing your vision and special requests. Don't forget the logistics - check if they can handle your venue size and sound needs. It's likely that each musician or band will have some videos of their performances, and you'll want to check these over before you hire. When it comes to picking the music at your wedding, an experienced musician shouldn't be underrated. If they're talented, know how to entertain a crowd and can quickly gauge the mood, you can't go too far wrong.

12. Hair and Makeup Artists

Choosing the perfect hair and makeup artists for your wedding is finding the beauty dream team to make you glow on your big day. Additionally, you'll be spending your wedding morning with these people, so it's important to choose the right team!

Start by browsing portfolios and social media for inspiration. Look for artists who align with your style and vision, reach out to them and schedule trials to ensure their skills match your expectations. Again, recommendations and reviews are always the best way to judge someone's professionalism and reliability. Lastly, trust your instincts - go for artists who not only make you look stunning but also make you feel confident and comfortable. With the right hair and makeup artists, you'll be a breathtaking bride who steals the show!

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