Exchanging your vows upon the sand, celebrating under the setting sun and enjoying dinner to the sound of the waves - an Australian beach wedding is a dream for many. Whether you're planning a fun beachside event in Melbourne's St Kilda, or  a classy affair upon the sweeping white sands of the Whitsundays, there's an undeniable sense of romance and quintessential Australian-ness about the seaside. Secured a date for your beach wedding? Congratulations! For a gorgeous wedding by the ocean, you deserve equally gorgeous decor. In this article, we invite you to browse some of our beach-ready wedding stationery. From sandy tones and romantic calligraphy, to popping colours and playful waves, you'll find the perfect wedding stationery for an effortlessly chic waterfront wedding.

The dream of an Australian beach wedding 

Planning a wedding in Australia? You've probably considered a beach wedding. Capturing the imagination with its idyllic setting and relaxed vibe, a beach wedding is always iconic.

The thought of walking down the sandy aisle with the sound of crashing waves in the background is nothing less than enchanting. Meanwhile, the warm sun and gentle sea breeze create an atmosphere of pure romance you simply can't match elsewhere. Not to forget, the setting sun over the water and the views that take your breath away.

There's no doubt that an Australian beach wedding is tempting. Tying together love, nature, and celebration it's the perfect way to share special moments with your parter and your family. 

Wedding stationery inspiration for a chic beach wedding

So with your beachside venue secured and the big decisions out of the way, you'll want to start enhancing your ocean theme. Whilst some like to play on bold and bright colours and seaside fun, others like to focus on the calming neutrals of the sand, or the tranquil blues of the ocean. 

But regardless of what kind of colours of beach theme you're going for, you're going to need some iconic stationery to make your picture-perfect wedding even more beautiful. 

Ready to embellish your beach wedding to perfection? In this article, we focus on wedding stationery for chic beach weddings. We've got some incredible options to share for couples with all kinds of ideas up their sleeves. So without further ado, let's take a look!

1. Palms

What better place to start for your wedding stationery on the beach, than with a collection called Palms

Palms is a stunning and simply ideal wedding stationery design that gives off a tropical vibe. Blending structured typography with flowing handwritten words and illustrated elements, it is the perfect choice for couples who want to infuse their event with a tropical flair. The combination of the design elements in Palm creates a fun yet sophisticated aesthetic that is modern, timeless and unique all at once.

We're simply swooning over the thought of those elegant palm leaves and pastel tones next to the colours of Queensland or the coast of WA.

Although we love Palms in the theme above, this collection works seamlessly with any colour theme, allowing couples to tailor their wedding stationery to their specific vision.

With Palms, you can bring a touch of paradise to your special day and create a cohesive and visually stunning stationery suite that will impress your guests.

2. Balmoral 

If a design collection is named after a beach, then you know it perfect for your beachside wedding. 

Beautiful Balmoral beautifully captures the essence of Sydney's Balmoral beachfront and its breathtaking promenade. It's arguably one of the most gorgeous places in the city, and this design collection tries to do it justice. 

With its heritage-inspired design and relaxed elegance, this timeless design collection exudes a unique kind of charm that Sydney's Balmoral perfects. Every simple yet intricate detail of the design - and the use of luxurious card stock - adds a touch of sophistication you can't deny.

Send Balmoral invitations out to your guests and allow them to capture a taste of what's to come, emphasising refinement, beauty and tranquility. Then, allow them to walk through the doors of your venue where a Balmoral welcome sign starts off their day with a pop. Perfection!

3. Amalfi 

It's colourful, it's bold, it's brave and it's so 2024. Amalfi is a wedding stationery collection that encapsulates the essence of your relaxed yet totally vibrant and youthful event.

It's a design collection that celebrates the energy of gathering with friends and family from near and far to commemorate your special day. It's all about colour, and joyful celebration.

Amalfi features charming hand-drawn illustrations that beautifully capture the deliciousness of seafood, citruses and cocktails. Bursting with freshness, it's a design that shares your excitement with guests. Amalfi is a great choice for couples planning a wedding that embraces the beauty of nature's bounty and the warmth of togetherness.

Each element of Amalfi reflects the cherished moments shared with loved ones, creating a nostalgic and heartwarming ambiance. So if it's a modern pop you want to bring to your wedding, then Amalfi could be for you.

4. Wave 

The Wave wedding stationery collection is a celebration of hazy summer vibes and retro styling. Also ideal in the year 2024, it's design with a touch of youthful flair and of course, with its name 'Wave' it's the perfect addition to an oceanside wedding.

Wave encapsulates the joy of sharing drinks in the warm sun with your closest friends and family. It's a design that encourages warmth and love, and being surrounded by vibrancy. This is the kind of design that matches a couple who end the night by dancing under the moonlight with your toes in the sand.

Perfectly capturing the carefree and nostalgic atmosphere of summer, Wave creates a whimsical and inviting ambiance for your wedding day. With its unique blend of retro elements and modern design (and ideally its wavy edge cut) the Wave collection sets the perfect tone for starting your new life together with love, warmth, and unforgettable memories.

5. Armour 

The Armour wedding stationery design collection is a heartfelt tribute to love and a celebration of romance. Whether you're on a beach, or in a winery, Armour is the perfect fit.

With its sweeping calligraphy and traditional French typography, the Amour collection exudes a timeless and classical aesthetic. So really, it's all about how you choose to style it. Choose bright colours for a vibrant beach event, or opt for neutral tones to embrace the sandy atmosphere of the beach. 

From the wedding invitation to the entire stationery collection, the simple and understated design elements of Armour are yours to embrace and enhance. Watch them come together to create a stunning visual experience with some personalisation (including wording, cut and colours).

The Amour collection sets the stage for a wedding filled with love, elegance, and an everlasting sense of romance. Watch it transform your beach wedding into a haven of love and sophistication.

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