First impressions are pretty important. And it is for this reason that couples often like to wow their guests with a beautiful, high-quality wedding welcome sign at the entrance to their venues. With this simple yet effective touch, you’ll set the tone for what’s to come and express your personal style to guests. From funky fonts to floral flourishes, a wedding welcome sign gives you the chance to set the mood for your unforgettable celebration. Ready to make a statement? In this article, we offer some personalised wedding welcome sign examples for your big day. 

The impact of wedding welcome signs 

It’s not every day you get the chance to stick your name all over beautifully designed stationery and signage, in your favourite colours and style, for everyone to see. But that's what weddings are all about - you!

On your wedding day, anything goes. And since it’s pretty much the only time you’ll have an excuse to celebrate in such a big way, your wedding welcome sign should be absolutely perfect.

So when making your wedding welcome sign, you better make it count. Plus, once your day is over, there’s no better souvenir from your most treasured celebration than a wonderfully crafted and personalised sign which transports you back to the special occasion every time you see it.

Time to create the perfect wedding welcome sign!

Photography - @figtreepictures

What are wedding welcome signs?

It's pretty much in the name, but wedding welcome signs are typically decorative signs displayed at the entrance of a wedding venue or ceremony to greet guests.

Often adorned with elegant calligraphy, perhaps flowers, or various other embellishments, the sign typically features the couple's names as well as the wedding date.

Welcome signs come in various sizes, shapes and styles, from elegant and traditional to modern and rustic, so you’re free to add your unique touch.

Wedding welcome sign examples 

As the first thing people see as they arrive at your venue, a well-considered wedding sign has the potential to pack a big punch. It screams sophistication, sets the tone for your event and gives off that cohesive wedding look that you’re trying to achieve. 

Looking to create yours? In this article, we will share some real life wedding welcome sign examples to start you on your journey to creating the perfect wedding first impression.

As we go, we'll help you by sharing from which Peppermint Press collection each design comes.

1. Habitat 

wedding welcome sign green



A Habitat sign is for those hoping to create a nature-inspired wedding or one where florals take centre stage. Hand drawn eucalyptus is paired perfectly with all tones of green. With this particular design, you'll be serving understated, quintessentially Australian appeal.

2. Habitat (but a little different)

Ian and Jessica - @amberwynnjones

Neutral tones paired with rich rosey or blush colours are a popular choice at weddings, and there's no wonder why. Paired with the delicate eucalyptus of the Habitat collection, this beautiful wedding sign gives off a polished yet relaxed look. 

3. Soliel 

Brooke and Braden

Keeping things a little bit simple is sometimes the absolute best choice. This white wedding sign example from the Soliel collection might be minimalist but thanks to its simplicity, there are lots of things you can do with it. This one is guaranteed to finishes off your cohesive wedding look just perfectly. 

4. Milan 

Jelena and James 

The classic and flowing - yet modernised - Milan collection looks beautiful in any colour. It will be a great option for all weddings, whether you're getting married in a rustic barn or a 5-star venue. 

5. Magnolia 

Penny and Patrick's wedding - @elsacampbellphotography

A Magnolia sign - particularly in this beautiful blush colour - is a great way to welcome guests to a fairytale style wedding. On the other hand, select a shade of green for a rustic winery wedding, or black and white for a city celebration; anything goes. 

6. Melbourne 

Jenna and Mathew's wedding 

Striking yet understated, the Melbourne collection sets the scene for a sophisticated night of wining and dining. The capital letters and straight lines keep things simple, but your chosen colour scheme will make all the difference. 

7. Georgia 

See more of Allessia & Vincent's wedding here. 

On our website, you'll see that Georgia is featured mostly in blacks, whites and neutrals, boasting a contemporary feel. However, it looks equally as beautiful in this rich red colour. Paired with a red bouquet, you'll achieve a rosey and romantic vibe with this colour rich palette. 

8. Selena 

Photographer: @jennafaheywhite⁠ - See more of Shannon & Liam's wedding here.

The stunning Selena collection brings together playful alignment and elegant typography to create a timeless range of pieces for those who appreciate modern romance and dream about their wedding day. Clean yet classic, this gorgeous wedding welcome sign is sure to impress with its subtle impact.

9. Estate 

Discover an enchanting collection that honours the newest chapter of your love story in the beautiful 'Estate'. Meticulously designed and adorned with intricate details, it's a modern yet romantic design that turns any event into one packed with spirit and character. Pictured above in a dark green palette, it looks elegant in just about any tone. 

10. Wave 

Adorn your event with the beautiful Wave collectionExperience its nostalgic allure, where hazy summer vibes blend with retro styling. Sip refreshing drinks under the sun, surrounded by your nearest and dearest. It's the ideal beginning for your new life together, capturing the essence of carefree joy and creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Looking vibrant in bright or pastel colours, this a youthful collection that shines bright and stands out amongst the cloud.

11. Amalfi 

Add a pinch of fun and enjoy a laid-back and lively occasion with Amalfi. Delight in the taste of fresh and delectable seafood, tangy citruses, and delectable local fare, all beautifully depicted in charming hand-drawn illustrations. Perfect for hot summer weddings, beach events and any event that needs to pop, the Amalfi collection looks beautiful in bright colours that make it shine.

12. More wedding welcome sign examples 

Got something else in mind? Our personalised wedding welcome signs are created according to our expertly designed collections. However, if you're looking to make some changes to your wedding welcome sign, let us know and we will see what we can do to accommodate your ideas. 

Photography @jon.gazzignato⁠ - See more of Pia and Andrew's wedding here.

What size are wedding welcome signs?

At Peppermint Press, wedding welcome signs are always A1 size - specifically 594x841mm. This particular size is large enough for the text to stand right out, whilst it also isn’t too big that it takes away from your venue or the scenery.

At A1 size, your wedding sign is also the perfect size for guests as they take photos standing next to it. Any smaller than A1 and your sign might begin to look a little drowned out, and the text too small. All signs are printed on rigid 5mm foam board. 

When should I order a wedding welcome sign?

Wedding welcome signs with Peppermint Press should be completed at least five weeks in advance of when you need them at your venue. If you’re outside of Australia, then you should allow two extra weeks on top of this for shipping.

Unlike other elements of your wedding stationery, you’ll be able to have your sign made as early as you like, because the only details you’ll need are your names, the date and perhaps the venue of your wedding.

Allowing at least five weeks will ensure that no stressful situations arise. 

To what extent can my wedding welcome sign be personalised?

Looking for something that represents you as a couple? At Peppermint Press, you can have your wedding welcome sign tailored to your preferences. After choosing the collection you love, you are free to select the perfect colour scheme as well as the shape that suits you best. More wording and extra details can also be added. 

Looking for more personalisation? Send us a message.