Congratulations on being chosen as Maid of Honour! You're clearly a fabulous friend and a super trusty individual. Because in case you didn't know, the role of the Maid of Honour is one of profound significance! From offering unwavering support to orchestrating memorable pre-wedding events and thinking of all the little details, the Maid of Honour plays a pivotal role in ensuring the bride's journey to the altar is marked by love, joy, and seamless coordination. In this article, we help you on your way to doing a grand job of your title. So from engagement to "I do", here's how to ace your role as Maid of Honour.

The bride's right-hand

Clip boards and headsets at the ready - it's time to get serious in your role as Maid of Honour. Because if you want to smash the role as well as Monica does for Phoebe (that's a Friends reference for those who don't know), you've got some work to do.

Your job as your friend's right-hand woman is cherished and important. Typically bestowed upon a super special close friend or family member of the bride, the Maid of Honour serves as the bride's shoulder to lean on. Offering unwavering support, assistance, and companionship throughout the wedding planning process and on the momentous day itself is absolutely key.

Sure, the Maid of Honour plays a pivotal role in ensuring the bride's wedding day experience is as stress-free and memorable as possible. But they often also take the lead in organising pre-wedding events (like hen-parties) and providing emotional support during the entire process. From planning the hen party to offering guidance and being that calming presence whenever you're needed, your job is important!


Where did the Maid of Honour tradition come from?

In Ancient Roman times (the time and place at which this tradition is traced back to), the Maid of Honour had a practical and somewhat protective origin. Their job was to walk alongside the bride, safeguarding her from any potential harm or interference as she ventured towards her groom's village. 

It is also thought that since weddings were believed 'haunted' with evil spirits, ten witnesses were required in similar dress to the bride, so the spirits wouldn't know who was who (hence bridesmaids and Maids of Honour). Not something we can necessarily relate to today, it's interesting to know that the role of love, protection and care has stood for centuries.

 However over time, this beloved role has transitioned into a symbolic and ceremonial position, with the Maid of Honour now assuming a distinguished role in the wedding party, representing the bride's dearest connections and offering unwavering support.

Today, this special person embodies more than just a ceremonial title; she symbolises the enduring strength of friendship and stands as a testament to the unbreakable bonds that tie the bride to her closest confidants.


How to be the best Maid of Honour

So with evil spirits to scare off and duties to carry out, how can you be the best Maid of Honour? The key is remembering to be there for your bride as much as possible, and thinking of the small details that she might either forget, or not have time for.

Next, we outline some of the thoughtful things you can do in order to be a Maid of Honour worthy of the title!

1. Create a "bride's survival kit"

What does a bride need on her wedding day? This is something every Maid of Honour should consider. Because while your bride is considering the larger details of the day, it is possible that she is forgetting the small things she will need for herself. 
From tampons and band aids, to stain remover, paracetamol, chewing gum, a sewing kit and a tiny bottle of her favourite perfume, you can't be too thoughtful, or too personalised. Consider what your bride typically doesn't go without and start there. You can also buy a handy little bag in the colour of the wedding to put everything in (and keep track of it throughout the night).

2. Curate a fun wedding countdown

In the days before the wedding, why not think about gifting your bride a fun and personalised countdown of small messages, gifts and activities. Keeping her spirits high, her countdown will be similar to an advent calendar at Christmas! You know what she likes better than anyone, so keep it personal and on brand.

Tip: If she's likely to be getting a little anxious, focus on a mindfulness countdown and keep her as calm as can be.

3. Plan a hen-party to remember (and most importantly to suit your bride)

Since the Maid of Honour is often the designated orchestrator of the bride's last hurrah as a single woman, they wield the power to craft an unforgettable hen party.

By understanding the bride's preferences, coordinating exciting activities, and curating personalised touches, the Maid of Honour can create a celebration that reflects the bride's spirit and brings joy to all attendees. Forget what others have done before her, and think about the way in which your bride really wants to enjoy these final single moments. 

From themed decorations to unique experiences (whether it's at home, abroad or in your favourite city), the Maid of Honour's attention to detail and thoughtful planning can ensure that the hen party is a cherished and memorable affair for the bride and her closest friends.

4. Be prepared and organised 

Although you're there at the wedding to have fun, you've been trusted to help out. And so as the Maid of Honour, being well-prepared and informed is essential.

Fundamentally, this involves staying updated on the wedding details and schedule, being ready to address guests' inquiries and provide assistance as needed. Keeping a proactive approach not only alleviates the bride's stress but also ensures a seamless experience for everyone involved.

By communicating with the bride, the wedding planner, and guests, you'll be able to effectively handle any last-minute concerns, serving as a reliable point of contact and problem-solver, ultimately contributing to the overall success of the event. So whether this involves taking notes or saying no to that first few drinks to stay on the ball, you know how to handle your task best!

5. Be there to help

At the end of the day, your bride probably knows what she needs you to do. After all, it is her big day and she probably has a to-do list as long as her arm. So you can play a pivotal role in simply being there to assist in wedding preparations.

Be ready and willing to take on tasks such as coordinating and assembling favours, putting up signage, attending to guest questions and more. By asking what you can do to help and taking charge of responsibilities in the weeks before the event, you'll lighten the bride's load and ensures that every detail is meticulously attended to.

6. Bring something thoughtful to the table 

Whether it's a framed photo of the two of you as kids, a fantastic speech, a personalised 'bride' dressing gown or her favourite snacks delivered to the room before the ceremony, think about what it is that makes your bride feel special. It's as simple as that.

Do that one extra thing that makes her day even better, and it will be more memorable than you can imagine!

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