There's a reason couples take a honeymoon. Planning a wedding can be very time consuming, as can spending time with your beloved guests and partying the night away. Therefore, traditionally, couples head abroad on a holiday together to unwind and enjoy alone time following their big days. However, with wedding prices increasing and not everyone keen to clock up the air miles, you might be curious about what you can do together closer to home. After all, travel can be exhausting in itself! In this article, we cover six ways in which you and your newlywed partner can spend quality time without breaking the bank, and without a big trip. 

The magic of a honeymoon

Paying your final supplier bills, making last minute changes to your seating plans, coordinating with your venue and attending your final dress fitting; the weeks leading up to your wedding are very often hectic. Ticking off to-do lists is the name of the game during the lead up to your event, and your brain is constantly ticking.

Then comes the big day itself. Packed with conversation and fun, and sprinkled with joy and plenty of other emotions, it's absolutely normal to feel exhausted after your big day. This is exactly why couples choose to take a honeymoon. 

Often escaping to far-flung spots for days spend relaxing and unwinding, a honeymoon is tempting and in most cases, necessary! In fact, people have been booking and enjoying honeymoons for years. The cherished practice of escaping and flying off together after the wedding festivities is certainly not modern or new.

The tradition of the honeymoon

In ancient Rome, newlyweds would embark on a trip after their wedding, lasting about a month! This journey was known as the "honey month" or "luna de miele" (moon of honey) in Italian. It was believed that this period of seclusion would bring good fortune and fertility to the couple (sure - a little outdated but interesting nevertheless). 

During the 19th century, the concept of honeymooning gained popularity among the upper classes in Europe. During this time, wealthy couples would travel to romantic destinations, often accompanied by close friends and family. The purpose of these trips was to celebrate the beginning of married life and to create lasting memories.

Thankfully, the whole family doesn't typically tag along anymore. Over time, honeymoons have evolved into private getaways for newlyweds, offering them an opportunity to relax, bond, and celebrate their love away from the rest of the world.

Alternatives to a typical honeymoon 

Although honeymoons are still very common, wedding traditions have changed and expanded to include a wide array of new customs. Anything goes - and what qualifies as a honeymoon has become somewhat flexible.

Some prefer to spend a weekend with friends after the wedding, whilst others might prefer to spend a few days unwinding at home, or spending a weekend exploring their own city.

So if you're the kind of person who prefers a camping weekend to a big trip, or you simply don't have the holiday or budget left for an extravagant trip to the Maldives, fear not. In this article, we will cover some of the best ways to spend time with your partner after your beautiful wedding day!

Staycation retreat

Instead of jetting off to a faraway destination, enjoy a relaxing staycation in your own city or nearby town. Book into a hotel for a couple of nights and enjoy the spa, drink the wine and eat the food without any cares in the world.

During your stay, you'll be able to do as little or as much as you want. Incorporate some walks or some activities, or simply enjoy Netflix as you wear your dressing gowns and hotel slippers. The weekend is yours to enjoy!

Explore your own city

How often do you get to do the touristy things in your own city? For many people, this happens pretty rarely. So opt for a weekend or a few days exploring the culture and history of your home town, or your favourite city.

Visit museums, art galleries, and historical sites, and tick off some of those restaurants you've always been meaning to visit. Dive into the local arts scene by attending concerts, festivals, or buy tickets to a theatre performance. There are simply so many things you can do - the possibilities are endless. 

Road trip adventure

If it's a sense of escape you're after, then hit the open road and embark on a thrilling road trip together. It doesn't have to be long, and it doesn't have to be far. Plan a route filled with scenic drives, quirky roadside attractions, or charming small towns. Make it spontaneous and head into local pubs, shops and markets as you explore places you've never been before. Enjoy the freedom of detours and create your own adventure along the way!

Nature escape

After the beautiful chaos of a wedding, nature could be the key to unwinding. Literally medically proven to help you calm down and reduce stress, nature's embrace is a great option for your express honeymoon weekend.

Book into a cabin, county hotel or airbnb and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors in your favourite location. You could even plan a camping or hiking adventure to escape and disconnect. The fresh air will do you both good, and you'll be able to create lasting memories away from the rest of the world.

Stay at home 

Although it might sound a little mundane right now, after your wedding you may be excited to simply tuck up and home with a good book, some movies or a new series and unwind in the most familiar way. Cook some new recipes - the ones you've been dying to make - or make a couple of your favourite romantic dinners. Whatever you love to do, the time is yours to spend. 

Continue the wedding 'errands'

When you're wedding is over, there are still a few things you can do to keep the wedding celebration going. So why not make a weekend of organising some post-wedding things. It's not as boring as it sounds!

With some of your initial photos - from friends of family - head to the shops and grab some photo frames. Whilst the memories are fresh, place some of the frames around your home and keep the wedding feeling alive! You could also create a scrapbook with what you already have; including photos, favour tags, flowers for pressing and so on.

You can also open your gifts! Make an evening of opening cards or gifts and enjoy the process of recording who gave you what. You can also spend this time spending any gift vouchers, or deciding to do spend any money you may have received. 

Finally, don't forget to order your thank you cards. Although some couples prefer to wait for their professional photos, there's nothing stopping you from ordering and sending out your cards super early! 

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