You've got balloons, some paper confetti, perhaps a well-considered tablescape, but something is still missing from your bridal shower decorations... Bridal shower stationery! Incorporating stationery into your bridal shower can add a professional and polished touch that will elevate your make your event stand out amongst the rest. From invitations to signage, the right stationery - designed professionally and personalised with love - can make your bridal shower shine and leave a lasting impression. In this article, we will explore five impressive bridal shower stationery ideas that will add a punch and some style to your special event. 

Bridal shower stationery ideas for a beautiful event 

When it comes to planning a beautiful bridal shower, don't overlook the power of beautiful and professional stationery. Setting a polished tone and creating a cohesive aesthetic for your entire bridal shower event, stationery is the gorgeous, gorgeous glue that ties your aesthetic together.

From invitations that make a stunning first impression to signage that guides guests throughout the celebration, there are countless ways to incorporate stationery into your bridal shower.

So start start reflecting on the bride's style and get to work on the perfection stationery designs. Include some custom menus and place cards that add a touch of sophistication to the tablescape, throw in some fun and charming signage that directs guests to different areas and send out matching invites, and you'll be well on your way.

With these bridal shower stationery ideas, create a bridal shower of dreams; one that will set a new standard!

1. Bridal shower invitations 

Bridal shower invitations are not just a formality; in some form, they are a crucial element. So why not use them to set the scene for what's to come? Start off your bridal shower with a pop, by sending out some stunning invitations that get your guests excited for the day.

By selecting invitations in a complimentary design to your event, and made with the bride in mind, you'll serve your guests a fun first glimpse into the theme, style, and overall ambiance of the bridal shower. Plus, to state the obvious, you'll also be able to share important details such as the date, time, location, and any specific instructions or themes for the guests to follow.

Bridal shower invitations also serve as a thoughtful gesture to honour the bride-to-be and they show just how much thought you've put into the event. Make your beautiful bride feel as special as can be, with one of our bridal shower invitations from Peppermint Press.  

2. Bridal shower welcome signs 

Bridal shower welcome signs are the ultimate finishing touch, adding a touch of flair and functionality to your bridal shower celebration!

Deigned in the colours and style your bride loves, welcome signs not only point guests in the right direction but also set a strong theme and offer some excitement to the occasion upon entry.

Opt for eye-catching designs and essential details, or go for a simple yet impactful design in a modern theme. Whatever you choose, make sure you match it with the rest of your event for a cohesive bridal shower aesthetic. 

Bridal shower welcome signs are the secret ingredient adding that extra pop to the event, making guests feel delighted and ready to join in the festivities. Plus, they make for a great photo opportunity for all involved!


3. Bridal shower menus 

Holding your bridal shower at home? Or at a venue where your own stationery can be incorporated? Bridal shower menus are the perfect element for a memorable and professional celebration of the bride.

Just like at a wedding, using menus on your tables helps guests to see what awaits them throughout the evening. Plus, they can also be tied in seamlessly with your table settings to create an irresistible scape. 

Whether they're bright yellow to represent the spring season, or black and white to set the scene for a modern and sophisticated affair, menus are can be an unexpected but absolutely exquisite choice for a bridal shower.

4. Bridal shower signs 

Besides your bridal shower welcome sign, there's a great deal of other signage you could implement to dress up and enhance your venue. From humorous or cheeky quotes to directional signs, here are some ideas for your bridal shower, that could elevate your event from 50 to 100:

Directional signs

Use some helpful signs to guide guests to different areas at your bridal shower, such as the gift table, food and drinks, games, and restrooms. If you have enough guests, or the space is particularly large, this could be a great idea.

Food and drink signs

It's possible that your bridal shower is based around a buffet, or even has a dessert table, and so food and drinks signs will be ideal for your event. Label the different food and beverage stations with beautiful signage and indicate menu items or specialty drinks available. What a way to brighten up a table of food!

Activity or game signs

If you have planned specific activities or games at your bridal shower, use signs to explain the rules or provide instructions. Perhaps there's a particular word you aren't allowed to mentioned throughout the day, a rule you have to follow, or a lawn game that needs a little explanation - don't hesitate to order some extra signs for activities.

Photobooth sign

A photobooth area is always a welcome addition to any event. So if you've got one at your party, create a sign with fun instructions or props suggestions to encourage guests to snap memorable photos.

Hashtag sign

If you want guests to share their photos on social media, create a sign with a unique hashtag for the event.

Fun quotes 

Is there a quote your bride lives by? Perhaps there's a particular musician she loves, which you could pull a quote from? Or maybe you'd just love to add some humour to the party - pick a fun quote and share it with your guests for another talking point to your party!

Thank you sign

Display a sign near the exit of your bridal shower, thanking guests for attending and celebrating with you. The extra detail could go a long way.

5. Bridal shower thank you cards 

Bridal shower thank you cards are a wonderful way to express gratitude and appreciation to your loved ones who showered you with love and support throughout the wedding planning process, and through life.

So after your bridal shower, your cards can serve as a heartfelt gesture, acknowledging the time, effort, and thoughtful gifts received for your bridal shower. Demonstrating your genuine appreciation and leaving a lasting impression on your guests, you can't ever go wrong with a beautiful looking thank you!

When it comes to their appearance, bridal shower thank you cards should be customised to match your bridal shower, resulting in a strong theme from start to finish. They can feature elegant designs, personalised messages, or even include a photo from the bridal shower. Up to you! Regardless, bridal shower thank you cards are a tangible token of appreciation that will bring smiles and warm memories to your guests' hearts.

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