If you've landed here, it's likely that you're on the lookout for some elegant wedding invitations. And that's not surprising. Many couples today are looking for a refined and beautiful style for their wedding invitations; one which boasts understated impact. At Peppermint Press, we work closely with our customers to create timeless wedding invitations. We know that high-quality card and a polished yet effortless design is what many newly engaged couples are seeking above anything else. In this article, we show off some of our most popular and 'elegant' wedding invitations for your perusal. 

Finding your elegant wedding invitations

The word elegance is often associated with weddings. Representing a refined and sophisticated style, the elegant look that many couples go for on their special day is all about creating a sense of beauty. With careful selection of elements such as your dress, the decor, your wedding stationery, venue and more, your harmonious and visually stunning wedding is only a few decisions away.

So when it comes to wedding invitations, how can you best achieve a refined look? Well, the best place to start is by deciding on your colour theme and the overall style of your wedding. After all, there's no better way to create a seamless wedding theme than by matching your elements from the very beginning.

Choose a pastel blue palette if your colour theme at the wedding will also reflect these hues, or opt for a gorgeous forest green if your event is to be held surrounded by trees and nature. Ensuring that your colour palette is seamless throughout the process will elevate the wedding experience you create.

Of course the other way to ensure that you create the most impact with your wedding invitations is by deciding on a solid theme. Are you going for rustic but minimal, perhaps classic and traditional or even nature-themed yet simple? Consider this when you order your elegant wedding invitations and you'll be well on your way to wedding invitations that seamlessly roll into the wedding day itself. 


Our top 5 elegant wedding invitations

Looking for a touch of sophistication, a whole lot of beauty and some effortless appeal in your wedding invitations? Although at Peppermint Press we consider most of our designs to be understated yet beautiful, in this article, we have handpicked a selection of our most luxury and elegant wedding invitations for your perusal.

1. The Soliel Collection

Taking traditional wedding invitations and enhancing them with impeccable details, the gorgeous Soleil collection is the perfect addition to the contemporary wedding. Modern fonts are paired with small classic details such as calligraphy to offer simple yet highly effective impact.


In the image above, you'll note that our Soleil wedding invitation is presented in a simple grey and black palette. This gives it a contemporary tone that we just love! However, this flexible design can be totally versatile and the colour you choose can make it something completely different and unique to you as a couple.

On our website, you'll see that we've photographed our Soleil wedding invitations in peaches, pinks and whites, offering a completely different perspective to the above. 

Check out our Soleil wedding invitations here. Remember, you can choose not only the colour palette but also the wording and even the cut of your invitations. 

2. The Bordeaux Collection

The beautiful Bordeaux collection elevates the rustic and traditional wedding theme, bringing it to new heights. Influenced by a rural French style, the invitations exude the romantic charm of Bordeaux.

Embellished all over with delicate calligraphy, your Bordeaux invitations are timeless yet bold. You'll certainly be making a statement and causing some intrigue about what's to come at your wedding with these elegant wedding invitations. 

In comparison to our other Peppermint Press wedding invitations, Bordeaux wedding invitations offers a more classical feel. As a result, some customers like to pair this with a simple white and neutral palette, as seen on our website. 

But that's not necessary! Personalise your invitations how you like in order to achieve the look you're going for.

Take a closer look at our Bordeaux wedding invitations here. 


3. The Balmoral Collection

Balmoral is a simplicity inspired collection with a modern twist. It's inspired by the ocean and coastline; in particular the Sydney suburb, Balmoral. Boasting a sophisticated and understated style, we just can't get enough of it!

In the photos above, you'll see that the elegant wedding invitations have been complemented with the 'wave' cut at the top of the card. As an invitation suite inspired by the sea, this couldn't be more fitting. 

However, there are a number of different cuts you could choose for you wedding invitations, including rippled, arch and much more. 

Perfectly presented in the above above and on our website in pinks, neutrals, browns and peaches, this collection looks gorgeous in similar colour palettes. However, you could select just about any colour for this seamless collection.

Click here to take a look at our Balmoral wedding invitations. 

4. The Armour Collection

Armour is named as such for a reason, and that's because it's a classical invitation inspired by romance. An ode to love, the Amour collection uses sweeping calligraphy and traditional French typography to create a clean yet classical look.  

If you're looking for something traditional yet modern, you can't go far wrong with this design. Looking sleek and contemporary in grey, but also wearing pink to perfection, Armour goes well with any palette.

We love this wedding invitation in a simple classic shape, but you could also opt for other shapes such as 'arch' in order to really bring out the classical feel of the invitation.

Admire our Armour wedding invitations here. 

5. The Milan Collection

Finally, the Milan collection is a great direction to head in if you're looking to make an impact and bring out a refined look to your wedding. Milan is a structured yet flowing design inspired by its namesake. Its soft handwriting and solid lines keep things simple yet cultured. 

In the image above, what gives the invitation the shimmering effect is the hot foil used to carve out the wording. Foil pressing involves stamping your design through a metallic foil, leaving behind a luxurious shiny finish that reflects and sparkles in the light. In choosing this option, your invitations automatically gain a lavish appeal.

Not interested in foil press? You could also opt for letterpress. This traditional process leaves a luxurious impression behind on the paper without the shimmer.

Check out our Milan wedding invitations here.

There's plenty more where these came from. Elegant wedding invitations with a contemporary flair by Peppermint Press.

Peppermint Press is a premium designer and provider of wedding invitations and other wedding stationery in Australia. Based in Sydney, we supply Australians as well as international customers with high-quality, timeless wedding invitations and stationery.

Start your journey to creating the perfect wedding invitations today. Browse our design collections here. 

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