Foil printing is a luxury printing technique that brings an air of opulence, charm and detail to your wedding invitations and stationery. Involving the heating of metallic foil, hot foil printing creates a tasteful shimmering finish with metallic hues of gold, silver, or rose gold. Opt for this premium printing option and you'll make each invitation, save the date card, or menu card a work of art. In this article, we take a look at hot foil wedding invitations and stationery and tell you everything you need to know about this beautiful printing detail. 

The allure of foil printing  

Sliding out the card from its envelope, your guests are guaranteed to be thrilled about receiving an invitation to your wedding - regardless of the design and appearance of your invites. However your invites might have been made (homemade, self-printed, or through a supplier), these pieces of card will most likely become a temporary fixture on the kitchen fridge for months to come, and they will undoubtedly remain cherished mementos for years.

But for lots couples, ensuring that wedding invitations are as striking and unforgettable as possible is highly important. And there's nothing wrong with that! When it comes to your wedding day, there are some moments that are just meant to be cherished forever.

If you're one of these people who values the experience of a wedding invitation (our kind of people), there are lots of things you can do in order to make your wedding invitations stand out from the crowd. One of these things is foil printing.

Milan hot foil rose gold on black 

What is hot foil printing?

Exuding elegance and sophistication, foil printing creates an enchanting and high-quality printing effect which sets the stage for a gorgeous wedding celebration. With their luxury indented finish and shimmering effect, hot foil wedding invitations and stationery items are sure to turn heads.

The hot foil method of printing utilises heat to fuse metal foil to card. Indenting the premium card and leaving a detailed metallic imprint in the card stock, foil printing goes above and beyond digital printing to make a real statement. 

How does foil printing work?

At Peppermint Press, this is how we carry out foil printing for your wedding invitations and stationery:

Step one

The first step in the process of foil printing involves having your chosen design etched onto a brass or magnesium die. This custom 'stamp' contains the exact design you'd like to have foiled onto paper. At this point, a finished design is then send to a die maker who produces a negative of which to etch or cut into the metal block.

Step two

With the metal die created, it is then placed into a press machine ready to start creating your stationery. Within this machine, foil rolls between the die and card stock before being pressed down onto the paper when the machine shuts. This is somewhat similar to letterpress printing. Thanks to the applied heat from the foil printing machine, an adhesive layer of the foil attaches to the paper. This process is then repeated as many times as is required.

An important thing to note is that as the design is etched or cut into metal, the design is static and it cannot be personalised for every guest (because a new plate would need to be produced for every invitation).

Should I opt for hot foil wedding invitations?

Opting for hot foil wedding invitations and other wedding stationery items can be a wonderful choice, especially if you desire stationery that stands out amongst the crowd. The truth is, hot foil provides an extra level of finish and beauty that digital printing and letterpress simply alone cannot achieve. If you're considering foil printing for your wedding stationery, here are some things you should know:

Bespoke Foil Press Invitations

Visual impact

Hot foil printing creates a stunning visual effect with its metallic, glimmering finish. Catching the light, your invitations will be embellished with a beautiful shimmer, making them truly eye-catching.


Hot foil printing allows for intricate designs, monograms, or custom elements to be incorporated into your invitations. The process offers versatility in terms of foil color, finish, and special effects, allowing you to match your wedding theme or create a unique and personalised design.

Quality and durability

When you choose the hot foil printing methods for your wedding stationery, your premium card is indented with durable and long-lasting text. The foil adheres firmly to your card, ensuring that the invitations maintain their exquisite appearance throughout the mailing process and for years into the future.

Budget considerations

Whilst hot foil invitations are undeniably beautiful, it is important to note that it is a premium printing technique and can be more expensive than other printing methods. If you have a specific budget in mind for your invitations, it's essential to factor in the higher cost associated with hot foil printing.

Style and theme

Depending on what your wedding will be like, you can choose a printing method to match your style. For example, formal weddings or events that aim for a sophisticated and upscale aesthetic are well matched with foil printing. Meanwhile, a gorgeous, more rustic and outdoor wedding might tie in perfectly with letterpress techniques.

Embrace foil printing for your wedding stationery with Peppermint Press

Print methods are the way your invitation is transferred from the digital proof to a physical print. Each method has its own unique feel and aesthetic. During the design process, you will be asked whether you'd prefer digital printing, letterpress or foil printing for your design.

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