Creating and sending out your wedding invitations should be an exciting process. However, the numerous combinations of printing methods, colours, shapes, fonts and styles available can be overwhelming. Letterpress is a printing technique that creates a deep impression on your wedding invitations, giving them a luxurious feel and high quality look. In this article, we explain exactly what letterpress wedding invitations are, helping you make an informed choice for your invitations.

The luxury of letterpress 

As you embark on an exciting journey to create your invites, you may have found yourself researching printing methods and perhaps leaning towards letterpress wedding invitations. And there’s no surprise. Letterpress printing is a traditional printing method which results in a sense of elevated elegance to your invites.

Although letterpress printing is typically a little more expensive than digital printing, it does exude a sense of quality and provide a luxurious, textured feel which is not easily achieved with other methods. 

At Peppermint Press, we know that sending out your wedding invitations is a once in a lifetime event. We understand that the finer details of your invitations should be nothing less than perfect. In this article, you’ll discover exactly what letterpress invitations are, and you’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether this traditional printing method is right for you.

letterpress invitations

What is letterpress printing?

Put simply, letterpress printing is a traditional printing technique that creates an impression in paper. Adding a texture to your wedding invitations, save the dates or other wedding stationery, letterpress printing creates a refined and high-end look and feel for your wedding invitations.

Letterpress methodology was invented by German inventor Johannes Gutenberg in the 15th century and was the primary method of printing up until the 20th. Slowly, it began to fade with the rise of the digital method. However thankfully, in recent years it has made a big come back, particularly within the wedding industry.

Today, the craft is still used for specialty printing such as wedding invitations and other high-end paper products. 

How does letterpress printing work?

The beautiful texture of letterpress printing is achieved by creating indented surfaces on paper. The method relies on pressure and force, to push an impression into paper and thus hold an image or text.

In short, letterpress printing involves ink which is applied to a raised surface - such as a metal or plastic plate, or a block of wood - with a design carefully cut or etched into it. The inked surface is then pressed onto paper to make textured printed text. 

Due to its fine delicacy, letterpress wedding invitations are slower to make, involving a more hands-on process.

letterpress invitations

Letterpress vs foil press - what is the difference?

Just as letterpress involves expertly pressing text into paper, foil pressing involves stamping your design through gorgeous metallic foil. Leaving behind a luxury shiny finish, foil press offers a shimmering effect and a sense of heightened quality.

While both letterpress and foil press require the etching of a plate for the printing process, as well pressure to apply the text, foil press also uses heat and metallic paper to create its beautiful effect. 

Letterpress wedding invitations by Peppermint Press 

Ordering your perfect wedding invitations with Peppermint Press is simple and stress-free. We give importance to the finer details, which in our experience, makes all the difference. 

When you trust us with your wedding stationery, your letterpress wedding invitations are brought to life with the help of four main steps.

1. Ordering 

Once you’ve ordered your invitations on our website, we contact you via email to collect your event details through an online questionnaire. It is at this stage that you will decide whether you want to use digital printing or letterpress printing, as well as which colours and shapes you want to use. We then start designing your order and send you a personalised design presentation for review.

2. Approval 

Once you have received your design presentation, you can request changes to your order’s colours and wording. Your designer will then work to accommodate your feedback. 

3. Production

When you and your designer have arrived at your dream invitations, it is time to approve your design for production. Once approved, your designer will prepare and send your order for production.

4. Delivery 

With your wedding stationery in our hands, we will carry out a final check before packing and sending your order. 

For more information about our process, products and how it all works, click here.