A year later

Since Anna and I took over Peppermint Press just over a year ago (we opened the store on May 19th 2019!), we have been working hard to bring beautifully designed stationery that is available in all of the pieces our customers need, from their invitation suite to their on the day pieces. In that time, we have been listening intently to what our customers want and need to build their dream event. 

Today we are launching our new website alongside three brand new collections, as well as a host of other updates and changes that make the process of ordering and receiving your dream stationery that much smoother and enjoyable.

An update on the current situation

Before I get into the new updates - I wanted to write briefly about the effect of COVID-19 and the steps we are taking to best serve our couples during this time. As you will probably know - the wedding industry (among many others) has been heavily impacted, and even worse many of our clients have been forced to postpone or cancel their wedding plans. 

Anna and I were both saddened to see that so many of our couples had to change their plans, move dates, cut numbers and throw all of their planning aside to deal with the deteriorating situation. As a way to do our part, we have been working with our affected clients to reprint their suites at cost price, and offering deeply discounted postponement announcements to assist in letting their guests know of any changes. We are offering this to all of our couples who have been affected by COVID-19, and if you haven’t reached out to us to discuss your options please do so.

The good news is that the growth of the virus in Australia (although still devastating) has been much lower than many expected. As such we are now seeing hope return to the industry and have been receiving many new enquiries and sending off sample packs to help couples get started on their journey to celebrating their big day.

In terms of our ability to deliver for our clients, we are running full steam ahead, and are not experiencing any issues in designing, printing and shipping our work (Australia Post delays aside).

Smaller quantities for intimate events

In light of the effect the virus has had, and the regulations around numbers of guests allowed at venues and specifically weddings, Anna and I have been working on ways to allow our clients to access lower quantities of invitations for smaller guest lists. As such, we have been able to reduce the minimum number of invitations in a digitally printed order to 20, and as always, we will be offering as many rounds of changes as you would like to your wording and colours, premium white envelopes included, and free shipping (within Australia) on all of these orders.

A new look

If you have visited our website recently you may realise that today looks a whole lot different. We have been working on a new look for the site for some time now, and we love the new aesthetic and facelift along with all of our other pages to make finding the information you need more accessible and easier to find.

Digital printing and white ink together

We want the journey for our clients to be simple and enjoyable to access amazing quality stationery, without jumping through hoops or having to understand the fine nuances of the print industry while trying to get their stationery produced. To make the process easier, we have merged the white ink and digital print methods together, so you can access both technologies at the same price point (in quantities as low as 20!). We hope this makes the process more enjoyable for our clients and will make your design consultation more flexible and fun as we can use each print method to amazing effect.

White Ink Drinks Menu Palms

Colour themes

Hand in hand with our changes to digital and white ink printing, we have been working to take the confusion out of picking your colours for envelopes, card and inks. We have put together a collection of 8 on-trend, beautiful colour themes that you can choose from during your design consultation. Our themes are designed to fit any number of pieces in a suite, from an invitation and envelope through to an invitation with all the enclosures and embellishments.

Colour Themes

You can select your colour theme when providing your details to us in your consultation, or if you know exactly what colours you are after, we will build you your own colour theme at no additional cost. You can read more about our colour themes on our how it works page here.

New Pricing

With all of our new changes, comes new pricing as well - and the news is good. We have worked hard over the past few months to re-examine our pricing and ensure they work for our customers and the business to help us develop new collections and increase the number of choices you have in putting together your stationery suites and on the day pieces. 

In many cases, prices are coming down (especially for large quantities of each piece). In some cases, there are price rises, but to address this in the interim we are offering any of our couples who have ordered a sample pack but are yet to place an order the better price of either the old or new during this transition period. If you have any questions or had your eye on a particular piece please contact us and we can create a quote for you.

Afterpay limit increase

We know that many of our clients want flexibility when it comes to making the purchase for their stationery. This can be a significant investment among many that couples will make in planning their celebration. 

We have partnered with Afterpay since June of last year to provide a solution to this problem, as we wanted something that was better than the 50% deposit scheme many vendors offer. We welcome that Afterpay has increased their transaction limit to $2000 as of April this year, to provide our clients with a safe, reliable and easy payment system that provides them with flexibility. We were also proud winners of the Q2 Afterpay Global Mentorship Program due to you, our clients and your decision to allow us the honour of creating your stationery (thank you!).

New Collections

For the 2020 season, we have been working hard to launch three new collections in more pieces than ever to give you more choice and flexibility to making your wedding the best it can be. 

Our three new collections are designed by us using fonts from professional foundries, are typeset beautifully and include hand-drawn elements by Anna.

Each collection is designed to layer beautifully as an invitation suite, and each of our on the day pieces feature a variety of hand-drawn elements across their pieces to give your event a cohesive and considered design.

The collections are available in 26 different pieces, with more on the way as we finalise more choices and solutions that we have been listening for since last year. As always, if you would like to see each collection in person, we recommend picking up one of our sample packs where we will include these new pieces alongside any other colour or print methods you would like to see.


Palms is an elegant blend of structured typography with flowing, handwritten words and illustrated (you guessed it!) palm elements. Shown in our Valencia colour theme, we believe it is a stylish and sophisticated collection with an energy that works in each print method and colour theme.

You can see the full collection here.


Magnolia Collection

Magnolia is a new take on a timeless floral design that incorporates delicate hand-drawn illustrations and clean typography. We wanted to show our own twist on delicate illustration while bringing together strong alignment and balance to each piece.

You can see the full collection here.


Habitat Collection

Habitat pairs illustrated eucalypts and botanicals with serif fonts that bring to mind a gorgeous tranquil landscape. Perfect for Australian hinterland weddings, we wanted to evoke these gorgeous locales and show off the beautiful country that will be our main travel destination for the coming months.

You can see the full collection here.

Looking forward

As we launch these new collections today, we already have a roadmap of where we want to be in the coming months and years ahead. We’re pushing forward to expand the variety of options in our collections, and working hard to make sure these are all available in quantities and prices that work for our couples. 

We will have more to announce in the coming weeks and months, so if you would like to be notified please join our mailing list below or follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

Finally, I wanted to say thank you to all of our current, previous and future clients. It is with your candid feedback and purchases that we have been able to create these beautiful collections and innovate on what we can offer you. We look forward to working with you in the future and helping you to create the best celebration possible.