Wedding colours change with the seasons and trending colours do too. While some find colour trend turnover difficult to keep up with, brides and grooms should note that wedding colour trends should be seen inspiration and not limitations for how you picture your big day.

Classical tones

There are classic wedding colour trends that will always work; ivory, blush tones for spring, vibrant pops for summer and luxe, jewel and metallic tones for fall and winter. Like fashion, these palettes recycle or get reinvented each year, as couples and wedding professionals mix and match for personal, customised weddings.

Love Marie Bridal

Metallic tones, sentimental props and muted shades by Love Marie Bridal blend style, personality and contemporary glamour.

Your wedding colour palette doesn’t just come into play when shopping for your bridal party outfits or picking out flowers, it can start with your save the dates and wedding invitations, giving your guests a quick glimpse of not just a colour scheme, but the mood and style for your upcoming wedding. At Peppermint Press we love to show our work in the latest and popular colourways, but we are always working with our couples to create wedding stationery that is bespoke to them and don’t always follow trends and convention.

Trends and you

Before jumping on what’s trending, consider your must-haves first. Is there a particular flower you want featured? Or a sentimental decoration or ornament you want present? Have you always envisioned your bridesmaids coming down the aisles in a certain colour or different colours? Is there a hue that’s constant in your home and closet and everyone knows is just your style?

Melbourne Blush Save the Date

Blush shades can pair with many events as seen in our Melbourne Save the Date, their soft colour allows flexibility with feminity.

If you have incomparable factors, start there when picking your wedding colours. For instance, you wouldn’t want to pick a palette that ends up clashing with your bouquet or a special table runner you’ve saved for the day but don’t end up considering until much later in the planning.

Be sure to consider your venue, the mood you want to set, your personal style and the season. It’s also important to think beyond fabrics and florals when it comes to colour. Other elements such as place cards or table number sets can also work into your creative palette especially for secondary colours that serve to make your main colours pop.

So, what can you expect for 2020 Wedding colour trends? Something old, something new, and yes – a little something blue.

Sage + Ivory

Pairs well with Grey, Blush, Gold or Coral

Another pair for any season, but one that pops in the spring is Sage and Ivory. With the popularity of highlighting greenery, plants, and leaves for décor instead of traditional or minimal flowers, Sage and Ivory work beautifully for an outdoor wedding, or a wedding that would like to bring inspired greenery indoors.

Weddings By Color

Dusty sage greens paired with a beautiful ivory dress captured by Laura Gordon

As both Sage and Ivory have played roles in popular wedding palettes of previous years, they can easily be complemented by a bright pop of coral for summer weddings, or a rich metallic gold for fall and winter. Consider Sage the new Mint – its versatility as a base colour allows a bride and groom to make this trend their own by adding complementary colours that fit their style and their venue.

Milan in Seedling and White Ink

The Milan invitation in white ink on seedling card pairs well with any shades of sage and ivory for a natural feeling. 

Ashtyn Brooke Sage shades

Beautiful sage shades paired with matching botanicals shot by Ashtyn Brooke 

Duck Egg/Dusty Blue + Yellow

Pairs well with Silver, Grey or White

Not as bright as baby blue, but not muted enough for grey – Dusty Blue is like the modern-day Cinderella blue dress. We’ve seen this elegant colour everywhere, even in our coloured envelopes and it really is something out of a fairy tale. For more of a luxe feel, pair Dusty or Duck Egg Blue with Silver, this colour scheme is perfect for a modern elegant-type reception. For something a bit more vibrant and unique pair the Dusty Blue with Yellow, it’s fun, unexpected and can be incorporated into the flowers, décor and other minor details like runners and wedding stationery.

Sweet Blossom Weddings - Dusty Blue Bridesmaids Dresses

Dusty Blue Bridesmaids dresses with eucalyptus bouquets via Sweet Blossom Weddings.

With Dusty Blue as your base, the accent and secondary colours can be chosen to really round out the mood you want to achieve or adhere to the season of your wedding.

Peppermint Press Amour Collection in Duck Egg Blue and Almond

The Amour Collection in duck egg blue with white ink and almond enclosures pairs perfectly to convey a French charm with classic and contemporary notes.

Navy + Dusty Rose

Pairs well with Ivory or Gold

Navy has made a resurgence in weddings and not just for the cooler months. Navy and Dusty Rose complement each other perfectly for any season and can be versatile. Dusty Rose can be your base, while Navy is used as accents along with Ivory or Gold. Both Navy and Dusty Rose are neutral enough to dress all your bridesmaids and groomsmen and can easily be incorporated into accessories like ties, socks or clutches. The neutrality of this palette will also pair well with greenery and most flowers in muted, blush tones.

Milan Letterpress Save the Date

Our Milan Save the Date with a letterpress print method featuring matching dusty rose ink and European style envelope.

The Lane x Eleven Events

The Lane x Eleven Events shows how to layer beautiful shades of dusty pink to create a sensory delight.

Vera Wang Spring 2020 Dusty Pink Gown

Vera Wang Spring 2020 Collection with shades of pink and dusty rose.

There are no hard and fast rules for picking your wedding colour palette, and despite the trends, it comes down to what makes you as a couple feel like yourselves.

What colours are you using at your event? Are you going bold and beautiful or subtle shades? Let us know in the comments!