With everything happening around the world, we have been doing our best to help out our clients and have been alongside them through the rollercoaster of ups and downs that has been every announcement and every restriction. As we move through this time, we want our clients to have confidence in us as their stationers - and know that we are still moving forward and plan to be around well into the future and beyond COVID-19. This means we have many more exciting announcements in store about how we’re helping to make purchasing your wedding and event stationery easier and more sustainable.


This is something that we have been asked about for some time now - we’re introducing packages! We have three different invitation packages launching, and we’ll be listening to our client feedback to see what needs to be tweaked or if we should add even more. Each package includes a variety of pieces depending on how you would like to craft your invitation suite.

Each package is available in any of our collections in any of our beautiful colour themes (more on this later). You’ll also be happy to know we don’t charge any extra for any of our themes - these are all available at the same great price (the price you see is the price you will pay). Each package is also offered at a 15% discount to their separate pieces.


The Duet package includes two main cards - the invitation and a details card. Accompanying these are coloured envelopes as well as envelope printing. We wanted to ensure that all of our packages include envelope printing at a minimum to save your hands when writing out tens or hundreds of guest addresses (plus our envelope printing looks amazing). Below is a mock-up of our Magnolia Duet package which shows what you can expect:


Our signature package includes four cards; the invitation, RSVP, details card and note on gifts, as well as coloured envelopes and envelope printing. The Signature package lets you have more colours with more pieces in your suite for incredible colour pairing, and enough cards to make sure your guests have all the details when it comes to your event. Below is the Milan Signature package in our Harmony colour theme:


The complete package lives up to its name - for the couple who want all possible cards and embellishments to maximise the experience when their guests open up their invitations. 

The complete package includes everything from the signature package plus a map card, band and wax seal. With so many pieces we can dive deep into your colour theme and provide you with a beautiful gradation from our colour themes (or if you have your own theme in mind we can always work with that!).

Below is the Melbourne complete package in our Onyx colour theme:

New Colour Themes

Alongside our new packages - we’ve been looking at the latest on trend card stocks from printers and suppliers. Through lots of experimentation, we’ve added to our list of colour themes to help you find the perfect match to your event and theme.

One Product, One Tree

At Peppermint Press, we want to ensure that our business is sustainable and leaves the world a better place than we found it. This is why we choose not to offer any acrylic items, and try to offer the most sustainable materials possible (more news on this will be coming soon).

To that end, we started to look at the other aspects of our business - the forestry that provides the paper products that we print onto, as well as the carbon that is emitted throughout the life cycle of our products. Though we choose to print on FSC papers - we wanted to make sure that we were adding back to the world’s forest supply in a more meaningful way. 

This led us to our latest initiative - we are now planting one tree for every product sold on our website. When analysing how much paper one tree provides - we figured out that it would only take around one tree per client order to offset the carbon and paper that their order emits. We wanted to go bigger though and really give back, so we are committing to one tree per individual product. This means that if you buy a sample pack we will donate one tree, all the way through to our complete package, which will donate nine trees back into the world’s forests.

Our planting partner works to plant these trees across the globe, but we have chosen specifically for their Australian replanting initiative, where trees will be planted across sites in New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia. This means that with every purchase you will be contributing back to the local environment in a meaningful way. To kick start the process we have purchased 400 trees, and will be updating and purchasing regularly and will update this on our sustainability page. 

As they say - the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago - the second-best time is now. We hope this initiative will provide a meaningful benefit, and we will be looking for other ways to adapt our business to be as sustainable as possible. If you have any other ideas or questions please let me know directly at evan@peppermintpress.com.au - I would love to hear them.

Moving forward

This is a time of great change - many businesses around the world are fighting to survive and are constantly adapting to this new normal. At Peppermint Press, we are also moving forward to refine our products and services to be better than ever.

There are lots more exciting things happening behind the scenes that I cannot wait to share with everyone. In the meantime please let me know if you have any questions, myself and Anna would love to hear from you.