The big day might be over, but there's one more thing you can do to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Conclude your wedding chapter by sending out beautiful wedding thank you cards. Expressing gratitude through thoughtfully designed cards is a meaningful gesture; one which your guests will cherish. Whether you choose to keep yours short and simple, or send them out with a photo from the day, select a design which complements your wedding and brings it to a close in style. In this article, we take a look at a number of our favourite wedding thank you cards made in Australia and offer some inspiration before you send out yours.

Wedding thank you cards Australia

Congratulations on a successful wedding celebration! You've spent months planning your big day, and you pulled it off flawlessly. Although this wonderful chapter of your lives is coming to a close, there's so much to look forward to from here on.

In the very near future, the first thing you'll have to look forward to is sending wedding thank you cards. A final step in the wedding planning process, wedding thank you cards are a great way to tie up any loose ends and bring your event to an elegant close. So where do you start?

Well, the best place to begin your search for the perfect wedding thank you cards is with a reflection of the day itself. Did you hold an intimate wedding; one which lends itself to long handwritten notes? Perhaps it was a large affair, and writing to 150 people is too much to comprehend? Maybe your Australian destination wedding was so visually divine, you'd be silly not to include a photograph? Take a moment to think about what works best, and start from here. 

The next step is of course personalisation. What theme did you work with at your wedding? If you got married in a fairytale setting and enjoyed a classical theme, head in the direction of romantic, classical thank you cards. Or perhaps your black and white themed city wedding deserves an equally modern finale, with the help of some contemporary thank you cards which serve underrated impact. 

Either way, your wedding thank you cards should reflect the theme of your wedding. Get yours right, and you'll have the perfect opportunity to convey a beautiful thanks to your loved ones.

Our favourite wedding thank you cards Australia

In this article, we share six of our favourite thank you cards, perfect for the closing of any Australian wedding. We've got everything from elegant and traditional to casual and beach inspired. Let's take a look!

1. Georgia

The dramatic Georgia collection is all about a strong presence with its contemporary typography and minimalist glamour. If you're looking for something crisp and modern, with a side of understated impact these thank you cards might be for you. 

Looking particularly eye-catching in black and white, or even with a foil press, Georgia wedding thank you cards are personalised yet simple, offering you plenty of space for your own writing.

Pair your wedding thank you cards with an envelope and wax seals in well-considered colours for the ultimate contemporary effect you see in the photo above! 

2. Luna

Adding a photo to your thank you cards is a great way to get guests smiling as they open their envelopes. The Luna design we've shared above is a great example of a thank you card which keeps things simple, yet is filled with personalisation. The small stars detail in the right hand corner offers a little personality.

Select the perfect photo, paired with the perfect colours and you'll be well on your way to achieving something as wonderfully simple yet high-quality as the Luna thank you card you see above. 

3. Bordeaux  

Romantic, classic and packed with personality, these simple Bordeaux thank you cards make the perfect almost-blank canvas for your heartfelt thank you message. 

With meticulously crafted designs, the Bordeaux collection features delicate calligraphy and exudes the romantic charm of Bordeaux. The simple beauty of these thank you cards speak of unforgettable memories.

Paired with a beautiful envelope and some wax seals, your Bordeaux wedding thank you cards are sure to make an impression. 

4. Balmoral 

The beautiful Balmoral collection is inspired by the heritage architecture and natural allure of Balmoral beach in Sydney and its promenade. A nod to the ocean and a taste of barefoot luxury, the collection is the perfect thank you card for your Australian coastal wedding.

The elegant yet modern fonts and the simplicity of the card pair perfect with a photo. Let your favourite photograph from your big day stand out upon card in the colour of your choice.

In the photo above, we think the white really helps the photo stand out. And when paired with a white envelope and gold wax seal, you've got the perfect thank you card amalgamation.

5. Magnolia 

Magnolia is a collection built on timelessness and floral design. Here, clean illustrations and typography make for a thank you card which is effortlessly charming. We love this delicate yet modern design in pink shades, as well as greens - although any colour works well.

You can also pair your magnolia thank you card with a magnolia envelope, which also has a beautifully illustrated flower across its back.

Enjoy a little taste of elegance with the Magnolia collection. 

6. Wave 

A taste of summer and a ray of sunshine, the Wave collection is all about drinks in the sun with your best friends and romantic dancing in the moonlight. With its retro styling and simple design, Wave thank you cards are a wonderful accompaniment to the summer wedding. 

Looking great in a multitude of colours, Wave wedding thank you cards pop with greens, blues, oranges, yellows and more. These are certainly your fun and vibrant wedding thank you card option.

Wedding thank you cards in Australia by Peppermint Press 

Peppermint Press creates thank you cards for your event, which offer understated impact and meticulous design.

Our design collections are created to appeal to a variety of tastes, whilst always promising high-quality. Each brought to life by professional designers, our thank you cards are the perfect way to conclude your wedding chapter.

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