Bridal shower in the making? You'll need some bridal shower invitations! Another wonderful excuse to make a fuss of the bride-to-be, bridal invitations help to set the scene for an upcoming shower. Keep things classy, hit your guests with a joke, or maintain a traditional theme; there are plenty of ways to make your bridal shower invitations stand out. In this article, we share some helpful bridal shower information and help you finalise your invitation wording. 

What is a bridal shower?

First thing's first, what is a bridal shower? Although many people will know the answer to this, it's not exactly universal (we'll explain below).

A bridal shower is a fun pre-wedding celebration held for the bride-to-be. It is a time for family and friends (usually the women) to come together and shower the bride with love, support, and gifts.

Typically, this kind of event will be organised by the maid of honour or bridesmaids and includes games, food, and fun activities. Anything goes; from cocktails and brunch, to wine and board games. Some hosts like to give a bridal shower a particular theme (such as cooking, wine, tea party, beach, spa days, picnics etc), others keep things simple. How you decide to plan your bridal shower is totally up to you!

How it began...

Traditionally, a bridal shower was an opportunity for the bride to enjoy the company of loved ones and prepare for married life. In doing so, she would typically also receive practical items for her new life as a married woman.

Today, things have changed slightly, but the tradition still stands. Particularly popular in the US, bridal showers are no longer reserved for the upper classes, neither are brides literally showered with gifts using an umbrella (as they used to!) and the chat around the table is (we imagine) very different in 2023. However, bridal showers are becoming increasingly popular! 


What are bridal shower invites?

It might seem pretty simple, but bear with us.

Bridal shower invites are the formal invitations sent to guests to invite them to the bridal shower celebration. Not only inviting guests, these invites should set the tone for the event to come, and provide important details such as the date, time, and location of the shower. But you can use them for more than sources of information. Bridal shower invites might also reveal the theme and be designed to offer guests a taste of what is to come. From colour choices to fonts and clever wording, your invites can be designed in tune with your event.

So do you really need to send out an invite? Well, if you're hosting a bridal shower, it is pretty much common practice to formally invite guests to the celebration. And although it is not mandatory, it is highly recommended. Ensuring that guests are aware of the event details, invitations give people plenty of notice and help them to plan accordingly.

When should I send out bridal shower invitations?

So the event planning is underway - time to start considering bridal shower invitations! The ideal time to send out bridal shower invitations is typically between six and eight weeks before the event. By sending them out at this point, you'll give guests enough time to RSVP and make necessary arrangements to attend the shower.

However, the specific timing may vary depending on factors such as the number of out-of-town guests and the preferences of the bride and host. Sending the invitations by mail is a common practice and can be an exciting and traditional way to send out invites, but electronic invitations can also be used! More on this later.

Bridal shower invitation wording examples

Once all the details for the bridal shower are set in stone, it's time to get the party invitations ready! Make sure to include essential information like the:

  • date
  • time
  • location
  • complete address
  • name of the host
  • contact details for RSVPs

With those key details covered, you can add a touch of personalisation to your bridal shower invitation wording by incorporating clever puns or phrase, or simply by personalising your text and writing from the heart. Take a look at some of our examples below.

Something simple 

  • "Julia is getting married! Let's throw her a shower she'll never forget."
  • "Please join us in showering Melanie Mathers."
  • "We request your presence at the bridal shower of Kimberly White"
  • "Jessica is pleased to announce the bridal shower of Emily."
  • "Please join us for a bridal shower in honour of Taylor."

Something fun

  • "A toast to the soon-to-be Mrs."
  • "Let's help our favourite Miss become a Mrs."
  • "Pop! Fizz! Clink! Twirl! Help us celebrate our favourite girl!"
  • "Grab your favourite heels and your dancing shoes, as we celebrate the bride and her upcoming "I dos."
  • "From Miss to Mrs. Let's do this!"
  • “Help us send the bride off in style by showering her with love (and lots of champagne).
  • Janet's bridal shower - it’s the perfect excuse for a girls’ day out!”

Something formal 

  • "Please join us for a bridal shower honouring Maddie."
  • "Help us shower Gemma with love."
  • "Come celebrate Lacey before she ties the knot."
  • "Alexis is delighted to announce the bridal shower of Pia."
  • "Join us for a bridal shower in celebration of Jasmine and her upcoming marriage."
  • "Please join us in celebrating the bride-to-be at her bridal shower this September 8th!"

Something sweet 

  • "Love is in the air, and so is anticipation. Join us as we shower the bride-to-be with love and celebration."
  • "Let's celebrate love, let's celebrate life, as we honour the bride, our friend, our wife!"
  • "Come share in the joy, come share in the fun, as we gather to celebrate the bride, our special one."
  • "Let's gather and raise a glass in her name, let's celebrate the bride's love journey with a drink, a bite and a game."

Something that rhymes 

  • "Karen’s big day is almost here. Lets shower her with love and cheer!"
  • "Joelle’s Wedding is on the way. Let’s get her prepared for the big day!"
  • "Save the date, don't be late, Hannah's wedding is coming and we just can't wait!
  • "Lend us your presence, lend us your cheer, Lauren's wedding day is finally here."
  • "Together we'll toast, laugh, and cheer, As Mary's wedding day draws near."
  • "Love is the theme, joy is in the air, let's gather to show Jodie how much we care."

Can I send email invitations instead?

Certainly! There's no harm in sending an email invitation for your bridal shower. However, the decision to send out printed or email invitations for a bridal shower depends on the type of shower and the host.

If the shower is organised by the bridesmaids exclusively for the bride's close friends, and does not involve any family members, using an email invitation works pretty well.

However, it is important to remember that every aspect of the wedding experience is special to the bride. As a result, printed bridal shower invitations holds sentimental value. Your bride, her family and close friends might hold onto the invites as a keepsake for years to come.

Plus, if the shower includes family members such as grandmothers, older relatives, or family friends, it is advisable to stick with printed invitations. In doing so, you can avoid any risk of them getting lost in the online world, or having problems with older relatives not being able to access the invitation. 

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