The colour scheme you choose for your wedding will remain in your memory for years to come. When you reflect on and swoon over the image of your venue, remember how beautiful your bridesmaids looked in their dresses, or see flowers which remind you of your wedding bouquet, you'll remember the thing that tied all these things together; your colour palette. So if you've recently said "yes" and are starting to plan your dream wedding, choosing the perfect colour palette and decor aesthetic is a top priority. In this article, we lay out what's popular in wedding colours in 2024. We'll explore the trends, browse some hues, and infuse your celebration with a dash of colour.

Choosing your wedding colours 

As someone planning a wedding, you'll know that creating your event involves a lot of decision making. And from cakes to dresses, flowers to makeup, many of these choices are visual. How do you want your wedding to look? What is your preferred style? What visual elements reflect your personality? All of these things are important to consider when selecting each individual element of your wedding. 

So, what many people find helpful when planning their weddings, is selecting a colour palette early on in the process. In doing so, couples create a clear vision for their events and can begin to make choices more easily. 

But picking a colour palette isn't just about making life easier. Your chosen colour palette holds immense power, as it sets the tone and atmosphere of your wedding day. Your colours will go beyond mere aesthetics; they become a timeless symbol of your love, etching themselves into the very fabric of your cherished memories. Each hue will forever encapsulate the essence of your unforgettable celebration.

So if you've recently started planning a wedding, it's time to start defining your style! But what colours are shining through in 2024?

Our favourite wedding colours of 2024

It goes without saying, that this year, bold colours are taking centre stage. Forget hushed shades or washed out pastels, we're talking about bold combinations and bright features. 

With mixes like lilac, yellow and coral coming together, as well as Barbie bold pink, and even sunshine yellows, 2024 is the year of planning a wedding that goes down in history.

Let's take a look at some popular choices for 2024. Without further ado, here are some inspiration wedding colours for the coming year.

Rosey Barbie colours 

Bright pink has absolutely surged in popularity in 2023, thanks to the influence of the one and only Barbie movie. This wonderfully vibrant and energetic hue has captured hearts, bringing a playful and whimsical touch to weddings, which will continue into 2024.

Everything from Barbie pink cakes, to small rosey flashes in wedding bouquets are becoming common features seen at weddings. So why not embrace the magic of Barbie in 2024? Infuse your special day with the allure of this playful colour scheme and watch your wedding positively pop!

Natural greens 

Greens have always been a popular choice at weddings, and that's no different in 2024. Whatever the shade, it simply can't be done wrong. Thanks to its representation of nature, the colour green gives off a calming and harmonious feeling, one which is highly inoffensive and totally adaptable. 

Adorn your wedding with green leaves (perhaps romantic ivy or summery eucalyptus) and create a serene and flourishing feel which no other colour palette can achieve.

Particularly if your venue is set within a green backdrop, choosing green for your wedding will make it shine with subtle impact.

Pretty lilacs 

When it comes to colours of 2024, there's no passing by lilac. Adding a gentle breeze of tranquility and freshness to any event, lilac is airy and calm, but still a super fun addition to your wedding day.

Effortlessly able to mingle with other pastel colours, lilac is perfect for creating an enchanting spring or summer palette. And although it's a fairly trendy colour right now, it still holds a romantic meaning and it bursts with sweetness.

Paired with some other pastels, or even darker lavenders, a lilac wedding promises to be on trend and endlessly beautiful in 2024.

Sunshine yellows 

Why mess around with lighter hues, if you could make your wedding shine bright with yellow? In 2024, sunshine yellows are on the cards, and we can't get enough of it.

Making any wedding venue glow, especially during the summer months, yellow is bold, energetic, modern and is considered a little unique. Does that sound like you as a couple? You may have found your match!

Exploding with joy and optimism, and helping to make your wedding even more cheerful, sunshine yellow is a little different, but definitely something to consider this year.

Sunset colours 

Whether spring has sprung, autumn is in full swing, or Christmas is around the corner, warm yellows, maroony-pinks and deep oranges are making a comeback in 2024. Although they may seem a little much at first thought, they offer year-round perfection and can offer a great deal of flexibility in your colour palette. 

Consider deep mustard yellows, burnt oranges, perhaps some maroons or dark pinks and watch your wedding come together like the hues of a sky at sunset.

Paired with gorgeous candles, elements of gold and blooms of roses, it's hard to resist this trendy colour scheme in 2024!

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