Another year of weddings has gone by, and 2023 has come to a close. So what does 2024 bring us in the world of weddings? After surviving the rollercoaster ride of the pandemic over the last few years, 2024 is looking great. The wedding boom of 2022, and the unpredictable twists of 2023 are over, and this year it's all about spreading love and celebrating in style! In this article, we share some of the top wedding trends for 2024 and ignite the excitement for a brand new year of partying.

What's new in weddings in 2024?

Get ready for a fun introduction to 2024, because the wedding trends of this brand new year are here. Whether you're planning your own "I dos" in 2024, or simply curious about what's sizzling in the wonderful world of weddings, these new trends are a perfect blend of inspiration and pure fun.

By no means do you have to take any of them into account if you're planning your wedding this year, but they're here if you need a little boost of party planning energy energy. Totally customisable and allowing you to put your own unique spin on them, our wedding trends of 2024 will help you to make memories that will last a lifetime!

Weddings Trends to Watch in the Year 2024

Get out your notebook, grab a pen and a cup of coffee, because we're about to announce what we consider to be some of the hottest trends in weddings this year!

Documentary style photos 

Staged photos are in some way out in 2024. In today's wedding photography scene, talented photographers are embracing a documentary-style approach. What does this mean exactly? Skilfully blending candid moments with posed shots, wedding photographers are moving towards a more authentic experience. Capturing photos which not only freeze the special moments, they're also encapsulating the vibrant energy of those tiny moments.

And guess what? Couples are in many cases also taking it one step further by enlisting their guests as honorary paparazzi, equipping them with disposable and polaroid cameras. This creative twist ensures that your loved ones will be snapping away throughout the day, resulting in a treasure trove of diverse imagery. What we love about this trend, is that with multiple lenses capturing your special day, you'll be able to relive every magical moment from various perspectives.

Champagne towers 

Guess what else is in in 2024? Champagne towers! Champagne towers are a glamorous and visually stunning feature that has gained popularity in recent years. They add a touch of luxury and create a memorable focal point for guests, as well as providing a fantastic photo opportunity. So what is a champagne tower? The concept involves stacking champagne glasses in a pyramid shape and pouring champagne into the top glass, allowing it to cascade down and fill the glasses below. 

We've noticed that over the years, champagne towers have become more popular. Couples are increasingly incorporating them into their wedding celebrations as a unique and interactive element. Plus, some are even choosing to replace traditional cake-cutting moments with the spectacle of a champagne tower. Not a fan of cake? How about champagne? Something to consider, we think.

Celestial decor and stationery 

In 2024, prepare to be captivated by the enchanting mysteries of the cosmos! Celestial elements have landed on our radar as one of the hottest 2024 wedding trends. From mesmerising zodiac signs to moon phases and meteor showers, the galaxy offers endless inspiration for both your decor and stationery.

Embracing this celestial theme can be done in countless ways, whether it's naming your reception tables after constellations or treating your guests to palm readings and other cosmic delights. Of course, you could also introduce a celestial theme to your stationery, like our gorgeous Luna theme

Prolonged events 

You might have noticed that weddings are evolving beyond a single day affair and transforming into whole weekends of celebration. We've had our eyes on this too. The long weekend wedding trend has gained momentum for several reasons. Firstly, couples are opting for weekday weddings, which offer benefits such as cost savings. Plus, this can involve an increased availability of vendors.

So what exactly are people doing during these weekends? We've seen couples introduce a post-wedding brunch, a 'night before' drinks, pool parties, sit down dinners before the event and even hiking in the mountains! Whatever kind of experience you're hoping to cultivate at your wedding, consider adding a second day, morning or evening and start dreaming up some ideas.

Drone shows 

Could anything be more 2024 than a drone show? Get ready to welcome a futuristic year and era of all things robots and drone shows! This cutting-edge extravaganza brings a new and elevated twist to the classic fireworks display.

Drone shows not only offer a greener alternative by eliminating the smoke typically associated with fireworks, but they also provide limitless possibilities for customisation and choreography, allowing couples to showcase their one-of-a-kind love story. So get ready to witness a fabulous display that combines technology, creativity, and pure magic, making your special day an unforgettable experience for all. Your guests will be shocked!

Dessert tables 

Have you been to a wedding with a dessert table recently? We have too. Dessert tables at weddings have become a popular alternative to the traditional wedding cake stand. These stylish tables filled with an array of post-dinner treats offer a chance to inject personality and creativity into the wedding celebration.

Couples are opting for dessert bars that go beyond the typical cake, incorporating a variety of desserts such as candy, donuts, macarons, mini pies, and cake pops. Plus, your table is your chance to add another visual element to your wedding day. The dessert table can be adorned with decorative elements like vintage furniture, bar carts, and barrels to add a touch of charm. It's a delightful way to satisfy guests' sweet tooth and create a visually appealing focal point at the reception.

Time with your other half 

Contrary to what your traditional relatives might believe, there are alternative ways to see your significant other before walking down the aisle. Some couples are choosing to meet for a cosy breakfast on their wedding morning, enjoying precious moments together and setting intentions for the day ahead. Others are opting to get ready together, and eve walk down the isle together. 

We fully support these choices and embrace this emerging wedding trend as a reminder to stay true to yourselves. Forget the tradition, if it doesn't feel like you. After all, your wedding day is about celebrating your unique love story in the way that feels right for you.

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