New Packages and Updates

Welcome back to the blog for 2021! It is already June - how the year has already been flying by. We have been flat out so far this year working on many of our client’s stationery suites and putting together their on the day pieces, but I wanted to post an update about some new improvements to the way we offer our collections and pieces that we know will make it easier than ever to put together the pieces you need for your big day.

Package Improvements

The first big change is that our packages are now changing from their current fixed design of set pieces, to one where you can pick any combination of enclosure cards you would like that will best suit your event. For example, if you would prefer our map card or RSVP over the details card for our two card package (previously Duet Package), you can now pick this at the start of your design consultation after making your purchase! The same goes for all of our packages - you can now choose any enclosure card/s that you would like during your design consultation after making your purchase.

Envelope Printing

After receiving feedback from our customers who wanted to purchase a package but didn’t need envelope printing, we have decided to remove this from the new packages. The price of the packages has been revised downwards to reflect this change.

This is still available separately as it was before, however to ensure that anyone who wanted envelope printing in their package, our website will apply a package discount automatically to envelope printing whenever it is added to your cart along with any of our packages.

The flexibility that this allows will also let you tailor the printing you need to your package, as many of our customers would often like to keep some blank spares that do not need to be printed.

New package names

Finally, we have updated their naming conventions to make this simpler and easier to understand when making comparisons:

  • The Duet Package is now our Two Card Package (Invitation + one enclosure)
  • The Signature Package is now our Four Card Package (Invitation + three enclosures).

We are also now including an option for the invitation plus two enclosures which we call (wait for it) the three card package (wow! haha) as well as a five card package which includes every option. We’re hoping that this makes your choices easier when looking at packages online for each of our collections and gives you that flexibility you’re looking for when tailoring the package to your event.

One Product, One Tree

We’re proud of the progress of our one product, one tree initiative and I wanted to let you know that as of the end of the March quarter we have purchased 1065 trees since beginning the program last year. I will also be providing another update next month where I will provide a total tally for the end of the June quarter.

This is a great start as we came out of the COVID lockdown periods and we move into the middle of 2021 with more events planned and invitation suites going out to many clients.

Where are the trees being planted?

As we have outlined before, we’re focusing our efforts in contributing trees to our own soil in Australia, where our partner has launched three new nurseries, establishing seedlings from indigenous trees that will then be planted in National Parks, as well as public and private lands that were affected by the bushfires last year. We’re also working on producing some more content about our planting initiative that we will share soon.

New collections

We’re hard at work on these as well in the design stages, and hope to have more to share with you for new designs with more comprehensive and cohesive options (with several new product categories) in the next couple of months.

2021 is definitely shaping up to be the year that we had hoped 2020 would be - so if you’re getting married this year or next and would like us to help bring your event and invitations to life, please get in touch.

As always, if you have any comments or questions please let us know - and if there are any new pieces you’re particularly interested in seeing for our current or new collections, why not let us know in the comments below?