None of us love the rain - not on our birthdays, not on a Saturday, not on any day of the week. So it goes without saying that on our wedding days, it's really the last thing we want. But Mother Nature will do her thing, and sometimes the rain will fall. In this article, we are here to help you embrace a rainy wedding day. Because you definitely can and you absolutely will be able to make it magical! Swap the sunglasses for umbrellas, and pose in front of a misty backdrop instead of a blue sky. As long as you've got a solid contingency plan in place, your wedding will be fabulous - no matter the weather. Read on to find out how to snap out of your clouded mindset and how to make rain a feature of your event, rather than a detriment.

It's like rain on your wedding day 

In Alanis Morissette's hit song "Ironic", her most famous line goes as follows: "it's like rain on your wedding day". Rain on your wedding day has become something we all fear. It's almost considered curse-like, and we all cross our fingers that it doesn't happen to us. Checking the weather forecast during the days and weeks before the big day, couples shiver at the thought of wedding photos with a lack of sun, and their perfectly dressed hair flattened by showers. Not to mention heels getting stuck in the mud.

But enough of the negatives. When it appears that your wedding day might be a wet one - whether that's due to the season or just a fluke in the middle of summer - it's time to shift your mindset and get creative. Time to embrace a rainy wedding day!

The charm of a rainy wedding day 

If you've watched your fair share of romcoms, or any kind of romantic movie for that  matter, you'll know that rain is ironically the most romantic of weathers. Rain makes your wedding venue feel more dramatic and more cosy.

Plus, you might not have thought about this before, but rain brings your group closer together. Pick a beautifully grand venue with sweeping lawns on a hot day and you'll find everyone spreads out. Whereas on a rainy day, you'll watch your guests enjoy a more intimate and cosy setting.

We truly believe that rain on your wedding day is something that can be embraced. With a solid plan in place and with the help of some extra props, decor, shelter and warm clothing, you've got absolutely nothing to fear. 

How to embrace a rainy wedding day 

In this article, we've listed some of the best rainy-day wedding tips we can think of. Wondering how to embrace a rainy wedding day? Keep reading! 

Prepare the little details of your rainy wedding day

One of the best ways to embrace a rainy wedding day is to make sure you're prepared. For example, buy a few umbrellas for guests, provide an umbrella bucket at all doors and make sure there are mats laid out on the ground at the entrance. When it comes to your outfit, you could even take it to the next level and bring wellies to wear with your dress - it will make for an incredible photoshoot! Plus, consider bringing your hair dryer to the venue, a change of shoes, some towels and heel protectors just in case the rain persists. 

Prepare your venue for a rainy wedding day

You may have taken care of the little details, but how about some of the bigger things? One of the best things to do in order to prepare your venue for rain is to call the venue itself or your wedding planner. With your contact, you'll be able to best prepare the venue for wet weather. A last minute marquee might be called for, a coffee and tea station might be welcoming and some non-slip material can be added to potentially slippery walkways, for example. 

Keep guests in the loop about the weather

Just because you're looking at the weather forecast everyday, doesn't meant that your guests will be. Time to let them know you're expecting some wet weather. Upload some information to your wedding website or send out some messages and allow your guests time to prepare. Consider that they might want to wear something different and might need to make alternative plans.

Don't get upset about the weather forecast 

The secret when it comes to how to embrace a rainy wedding day? Accept and move forwards! Although it can be frustrating to see a rain forecast on the day of your event - don't panic. There is no catastrophe ahead. Your vision for the day may have to adapt slightly, but it won't diminish the significance of your day and definitely not your marriage! Remember, your guests are going to absolutely adore the day that you've put on for them whatever the weather. Keep a flexible mindset and start getting creative. Being flexible can help you feel more in control and can help you to maintain a positive mindset.

Create a warm and cosy environment out of the rain

Light a fire, change the lighting, provide blankets - whatever you can do to provide a cosy environment for your guests on your big day will contribute to the intimate feel of your rainy wedding day. 

Get creative with rainy photos 

One thing the rain does well is to provide you with a unique opportunity to get creative with your photos. Bring an umbrella (you might want to buy a clear one so that you don't take away from your dress, hair and make up) and take the opportunity to have photos taken in the elements! As you can see from the photo above, sometimes the worse the weather, the more striking the photo!  

Make sure your make up and hair can survive the rain

If you know that rain is heading your way for your big day, it might be time to call your make up artist and let them know that you'll want everything to be waterproof. Once you know that your mascara won't run down your face and you're protected from the elements, you'll feel more at ease and ready to enjoy the day. In addition, if you were thinking of having your hair down, maybe switch it up and opt for a chic updo. When tied up into an elegant bun (and not blown out and swishy), your hair is more likely to last the entire day and look fantastic from morning to evening.

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