There's no denying it - a beautiful wax seal stamped onto an envelope adds an exquisite touch. So if you're in search of a way to take your wedding invitations to the next level of sophistication, wax seals may be just what you need. Originally used to secure personal and official documents, over time wax seals have evolved into ornamental embellishments that are now in high demand for wedding invitations. They convey a sense of sophistication and reflect the sender's unique style. In this article, we'll guide you through the world of wax seals for letters, explaining what they are, their purpose, how they're made, and how to choose the best wax seals to complement your wedding invitations.

A touch of elegance 

Whether or not you're hoping to go totally traditional, or super modern or luxe at your wedding, there is nothing quite as mysterious and impressive as a wax sealed envelope. It's fair to say, that many people will only receive one or two such elegant envelopes through the post in their lives in their lifetimes!

A wax sealed letter is one effective way to serve maximum impact upon announcing your wedding. Beckoning guests to open their envelopes, wax seals are old-fashioned, but in the best possible way. They'll add a little touch of magic, a large dose of sophistication and a fun addition to what is otherwise just card and paper.


What are wax seals for letters?

Wax seals for letters are used for the sealing and decoration of envelopes which might contain documents, letters or invitations. Made from hot wax, the seals are attached to the back of envelopes as a sign of personalisation and to signal the importance of a letter before it is opened.

Originating from medieval times, wax seals used to be pressed into hot wax to close a letter as a form of signature and to prevent tampering of important letters. They have been around for centuries, however as the years have passed, the use of wax seals has changed from security to aesthetics. And there's no wonder why they've stuck around; because they're opulent, they're luxury and they never fail to deliver that desired dash of elegance.

Today, wax seals are popular in wedding stationery, invitations, and personal stationery, where they add a touch of quality and personalisation to all envelopes upon which they sit.

How are wax seals made?

How wax seals are made depends on how you choose to buy them.

Making them yourself 

For example, some people choose to make their own wax seals at home, using a pre-bought kit or tools they may have ordered online. In these cases, wax is poured over an envelope where the seal needs to be placed. Once the wax is in place, a seal stamp is pressed into the hot wax, allowed to cool, and then removed. 

Before starting this process however, it is good to know that some level of skill is required for making wax seal stamps. If you've got the time to spare and you enjoy getting crafty, then making your wax seals can of course be fun and rewarding.

Wax seals from Peppermint Press

On the other hand, planning a wedding can be a little stressful and time-consuming, and so many couples choose to have their wax seals made professionally. This not only saves time but also ensures that your products are cohesive and in line with the rest of your stationery.

At Peppermint Press, wax seals are pre-made and sent directly to you, ready to attach to your wedding invitations. Sent in your preferred colour and design - with a symbol, your initials or an illustration stamped into them - they'll arrive ready to be sent right back out again on your invitations.

Produced with a self-adhesive backing to make application quick and easy, your wax seals take seconds to attach to each envelope. And made using a speciality wax blend, they are safe to mail to your guests. 

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What can wax seals be used for?

Since wax seals are created in order to embellish and seal envelopes, they can be used for a number of purposes. At the time of your wedding, there are a few main things that your wax seals can be used for:

- Save the dates

- Wedding invitations 

- Thank you cards

But the list doesn't end there! At your wedding there will be plenty of opportunities to use wax seals for further purposes such as on your bouquets as a finishing touch, on wine bottles, on cake decorations, on centre pieces or anywhere else you might imagine some personalisation and attention to detail to enhance your wedding.


Personalising my wax seals 

Customisation is absolutely key to creating the perfect wax seals for letters. In fact, it's their original and traditional purpose. As your guests take their envelopes in their hands and navigate to your wax seal on the back, it should signal a message chosen by you and your partner - one which feels fitting to the tone of the wedding and your relationship. For this reason, at Peppermint Press, we offer a great deal of personalisation of your wax seals.

What colours can my wax seals be?

At Peppermint Press, your wax seals can come in a number of colours; from pastel colours, to white, to metallic finishes, your wax seals can be as impactful or delicate as you wish. 

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What can I print onto my wax seals?

One great thing about wax seals is that they can offer you a sense of customisation. Embellished with a symbol to fit you as a couple, your initials, a monogram, an illustration, or whatever it is that feels appropriate, you can adorn your wax seals with flowers and waves, love notes or calligraphy. The possibilities are almost endless!

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