Making the decision to plan a black and white wedding is a big one; it's untraditional for sure, and a little unconventional. However, when it's pulled off just right, a black and white wedding has an unmatched and striking appeal. Timeless, modern and chic, black and white weddings are increasingly popular, boasting a kind of simplicity and elegance, not achievable with other colourful palettes. In this article, we dive deep into the black and white wedding theme. We'll help you imagine the true potential of such a bold move, and then assist you with the little details that will take you all the way there.  

The impact of a black and white wedding theme 

It's no coincidence that those working in photography, art, design, fashion, interior design and other visually focused industries have always used black and white in order to create bold, memorable, and sophisticated visual statements. Black and white positioned perfectly together pack a big punch, and set a dramatic scene.

Black and white weddings are impactful. With a colour palette that perfectly contrasts in the most extreme way, your wedding is bound to stand out, catch the eyes of your guests and create a visually strong setting.

So if you've chosen to have a black and white wedding, you'll know better than anyone how incredible this colour scheme can look. A black and white wedding theme is a bold yet classy option for any event for many reasons:


  • It's totally timeless: whilst pastel colours might come in and out, as does navy blue or bright pink, black and white will simply never go out of style. In 10 years, you'll look back at your wedding photos with as much admiration as the day it all came together. 
  • It's fabulously versatile: pair black and white with any other colour or tone (for example beige, gold, rose, red) and you've got yourself an irresistible combination.
  • It's tasteful and formal: when you choose black and white, you automatically make things a little more formal, refined and sophisticated.
  • It's the most eye-catching palette: regardless of what other colours you pick for your wedding, black and white will always stand out with a sense of drama and style. 

  • Figuring out your black and white wedding vibe

    Sure, you're set on the black and white theme for your wedding, and it's a great start. But have you considered the kind of style you're after? Whether it's modern or classic, below, we describe some black and white wedding themes that will simply make you swoon.

    Art deco

    Channel the glamour of the 1920s with an Art Deco-inspired black and white wedding. Incorporate geometric patterns, luxurious fabrics, and vintage-inspired accessories to capture the opulence of the era.

    Parisian chic

    Think, sophistication in Paris, and work on a black and white wedding theme inspired by French elegance. Include some fun elements like wrought iron, monochromatic stripes, and delicate lace for a touch of Parisian charm.

    Vintage glamour

    Transport your guests to a bygone era with a vintage-inspired black and white wedding. You might like to bring in some antique decor, vintage lace, and classic Hollywood glamour for a touch of old-world charm.

    Classic elegance

    Embrace the timeless beauty of a black and white colour palette by incorporating elegant and traditional elements into your event. Think crystal chandeliers, black tie attire, and opulent floral arrangements. Irresistible charm!

    Rustic chic

    Combine the simplicity of a rustic theme with the elegance of black and white. Utilise natural textures, such as wood and burlap, alongside black and white accents to create a charming and cozy atmosphere.

    Modern minimalism

    For a sleek and contemporary look, opt for a modern minimalist theme. Clean lines, geometric shapes, and minimalist decor will create an ultra-stylish ambiance that exudes sophistication. 

    10 ways to perfect the black and white wedding theme

    If you're planning a dramatic yet irresistibly romantic black and white wedding, you've come to the right place.

    From intricately decorated cakes, to gorgeous wedding stationery and the perfect dress, read the following ten tips and pull together the perfect black and white wedding theme for your upcoming event.

    1. Pick out black and white flowers

    Although all your suppliers will undoubtedly say this about their contribution to your wedding, flowers can really be a make or break factor of any wedding. Brining romance and an element of softness to any wedding, you can really never have too many.

    Wondering what kinds of black and white flowers there are out there? You'll be surprised to hear that there are more than enough.

    White flowers are commonly displayed at weddings, and they have been throughout history. This is of course due to their representation of pure love, romance and naturally - the way in which they match seamlessly with your wedding dress (assuming you haven't opted for a black one!).

    So, at a wedding where black and white prevails, white flowers are often the best choice. Think white lisianthus, roses, white carnations, lilies, daisies, hydrangeas, or ranunculus - all classic wedding flowers - perfect for popping into bouquets, in favours, on tables or as decor at your venue.

    But for a black and white themed wedding, there's more you can do to really tie these flowers into your sophisticated theme. Try opting for flowers tied together with a black-silk ribbon, or opt for pops of black within your bouquets. Remember, your flower arrangements can include non-plant material too.

    On tables, you could choose white flowers, set amongst dark foliage. Or, lush white anemones with dark centres to make for the perfect black and white combination without having to 'arrange' anything. There are lots of combinations and options to choose from - time to get creative!

    2. Choose black and white wedding invitations 

    Set on the colour scheme for your wedding before you even send out your invites? Start the planning process how you mean to go on, with the perfect black and white wedding invitations.

    Choose the right wedding invitations, and from the moment your guests open their envelopes, and they'll be treated to a taste of what's to come.

    At Peppermint Press, we design your wedding invitations in accordance with our unique and beautiful design collections. Once you've chosen a design you like, you're able to request changes to your invitations including the colour scheme, shape and wording. 

    Click here to order a sample pack.  

    3. Gather some black and white wedding theme inspiration 

    If you're the kind of person who can come up with original ideas without assistance and bring to life the wedding of your dreams without much input - you're one of the talented ones! However, for most people, a wedding theme is best brought together with the help of outside influence.

    Head to Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok or wherever you receive your best inspiration for wedding planning and start browsing the internet for your black and white wedding goals.

    Once you've created a mood board, or collected together a folder full of inspiration, you'll been on a much clearer path to bringing your black and white theme to life. Plus, when you head to your suppliers, you'l be able to show them exactly what kind of black and white wedding vibe you're trying to achieve. 

    Pia and Andrew's Mona Museum Wedding

    Pia and Andrew's Mona Museum Wedding

    4. Choose the outfits to match 

    Fortunately, wedding dresses are already white, and for many grooms a black suit is not too far out of the ordinary. As a result, your wedding day attire can easily be selected based on a black and white wedding theme.

    There are of course some extra things you can do in order to keep your black and white theme wedding in line and to give off an intricate sense of attention to detail. 

    As the bride, you could consider a white dress with black details (lace or stitching for example), black shoes, dark eye make up, black hair accessories or black jewellery.

    For a groom, a crisp black suit with a bow tie and a white flower would be fitting. Don't say no to a velvet suit jacket too quickly either - they can be incredibly glamourous. Otherwise, if you're feeling brave, why not opt for a white suit jacket with your black pants? Anything goes for your black and white wedding.

    In fact, you could even opt to wear colour in an attempt to stand out amongst the crowd.

    5. Opt for classy, modern finishes 

    When it comes to decorations at a black and white wedding, there are a number of things you can take into account and oh so much detail you can go into.

    One great way to enhance your striking contrast heavy wedding is to introduce black glassware and black and white crockery. Your whimsical anemone flowers in the centre of your tables are absolutely gorgeous, but choosing to enhance the palette with tasteful black glassware is the perfect final touch to a sophisticated event.

    And matte black plates against a clean white table cloth? That's also going to look just exquisite. 

    Other decor and finishes you might like to include are black candles, black and white napkins, and even black tables or chairs (venue permitting of course). 

    Pia and Andrew's Mona Museum Wedding

    6. Make a powerful entrance with a black and white wedding sign 

    First impressions truly count - and that's why a gorgeous black and white wedding sign at your event is an absolute must if you're looking to pack a punch with your wedding theme. With this simple yet effective touch, you’ll set the tone for what’s to come during the day and express your personal style to guests (before they even walk through the door).

    When you opt for a black and white wedding theme, your wedding welcome sign and other stationery items will pop. With such a classic combination, no stationery style can look too out of place.

    At Peppermint Press, our personalised wedding signs are created for your unique event. Without too much detail, our wedding signs boast a sense of understated impact, perfect for the black and white wedding theme.

    Working with a designer, you'll be able to select your preferred design from our collections, and then personalise the colours, shape and wording until you reach your perfect result. 

    Hint: when it comes to black and white, we love our Melbourne and Georgia designs.

    Learn more about our wedding welcome signs here

    7. Give some good thought to the wedding venue 

    There's no use choosing a classical wedding venue that gives off Georgian aesthetics, if you're hoping to pull off a modern and highly sleek black and white wedding theme. Similarly, if its old time character you're after, a reception hall at a new 5-star hotel might not work.

    Although it might sound obvious, if your theme is important to you, then it should also dictate the kind of venue you choose for your wedding. 

    First, decide what kind of black and white aesthetic you're trying to create and then you'll be able to decide which kind of venue will suit you best.

    From our experience, we know that modern hotels, sleek converted barns and ultra modern buildings are great places to start constructing a black and white haven. However, you could really achieve this just about anywhere with some enthusiasm and some imagination.

    8. Create menus, signage, coasters and table numbers to match 

    A fabulous way to provide a refined and finished look at your wedding is to use wedding stationery to tie all your loose ends together. We might be biased, but adding professionally designed signage across your venue adds the tight and impeccable look that we know you're trying to achieve.

    But let't not forget that wedding stationery is not only a clever way to add some more black and white into your wedding venue. It also personalises your venue, adds a touch of 'you' and makes your venue truly 'yours' for the day.

    Guest menus, drinks menus at the bar, wishing well signs, coasters - you name it. If there's a place for wedding stationery, why not use it to enhance the black and white wedding theme you so greatly want to achieve?

    Not sure what your options are? Find a list of on the day wedding stationery items here.

    9. Choose a black and white cake 

    Your cake is a sneaky way to make a big black and white statement at your wedding. With your cake, you could go in the direction of square, modern and minimalist or classically round and tiered.

    When discussing with your cake supplier, you could discuss options such as black strokes, details of gold, or otherwise, you could opt for block colour - both black and white for different layers.

    Topped off with elegant white flowers or a decorative black and white element, and you've created yourself another invaluable (and delicious) black and white statement at your wedding. 

    10. Select a black and white wedding drink to match your theme 

    Now we're getting down to the real nitty gritty of wedding details. For the most seamless of black and white weddings, why not choose a cocktail that represents you as a couple, but which is also visually black and white in appearance. 

    Upon arrival at your reception, hand your guests an espresso martini, a black and white rum cocktail, a black velvet cocktail (with stout and sparkling wine), a white russian, or simply a clear cocktail such as a mojito embellished with your elements from your colour scheme.

    Presented on a table at the entrance to your wedding venue, you'll blow guests away with your attention to detail. 

    11. Finish it off with black and white thank you cards

    You began your wedding with black and white invitations, so why not close it in the same way?

    After your black and white themed wedding is over, send a refined thank you card to guests in the same design and colour palette that they received their invites. It doesn't get more polished or cohesive than that. 

    At Peppermint Press, our thank you cards can be personalised with your wedding photography, or they can be kept simple with text and illustrations. They serve as a lasting reminder of your special day, while also delivering a personal thank you to your cherished guests for their presence and thoughtful gifts.

    Learn more about Peppermint Press thank you cards here

    Master the black and white wedding theme with Peppermint Press

    Trust us with the finer details of your black and white theme wedding. We are experts in wedding stationery, with our in-house designers taking care of all our orders. Our products can always be tailored to meet your individual preferences, giving you the freedom to make your stationery shine in just the way you want it to.

    Browse our colour palettes here, or take a look at our design collections here.