Ever received a black wedding invitation? Probably not! And that's because when it comes to wedding invitations, many couples opt for traditional white or pastel colours. However, choosing black wedding invitations can be a bold, striking and very rewarding decision. Adding a touch of elegance, glamour and certainly some intrigue to your special day, black offers daring couples the chance to make their wedding stand out from the crowd. Planning a wedding oozing with glitz and glamour? Maybe a classy affair elevated with a black tie theme? Kickstart your wedding plans with a captivating black invitation that sets a mesmerising tone for your big day. In this article we share five of our wedding invitations most suited to black. 

The allure of wedding invitations in black

With anticipation building for your big day, the moment your guests open their wedding invitations can be super exciting. Because invitations don't only provide your loved ones with the much awaited details of your event, they ignite a sense of excitement and offer a quick peek of what's to come on the big day.

So it goes without saying, that a stunning black invitation card is likely to exude an air of mystery and elegance. Why? Because black is a powerful colour. Eluding to mystery, drama and sophistication, it's a choice that makes a statement.

Whilst many couples opt for neutral tones, pinks, pastels and whites, it isn't so common to receive a black wedding invitation in the post. And because it's a little unconventional, opting for a black wedding invitation speaks volumes about your unique style. It shows that you're choosing to embrace boldness and it infuses your invitations with an undeniable sense of allure that isn't otherwise easily achieved. Yes, we get all that from a colour!


Striking wedding invitations in black: 5 examples 

Feeling brave? Ready to make your wedding truly yours? Don't let tradition put you off. Let's find you the perfect wedding invitations in black. Who knows, they might just become your source of inspiration for a glamorously black-themed wedding.

Georgia: a black invitation with touch of glamour

First, we introduce to you "Georgia"; a modern and luxurious wedding invitation collection that combines designer typography and minimalist elements for an understated and glamorous event.

When presented in black, this design exudes total sophistication and allure. The deep, rich black hue adds a touch of drama, enhancing the elegance of the carefully crafted typography.

And how is it achieved? The minimalist elements used in the design shine against the sheer black, creating a harmonious composition that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

Hoping to write your own wedding story? One of glamour and drama? Georgia in black sets the stage for an unforgettable celebration.

Magnolia: the floral black wedding invitation 

The beautiful and elegant "Magnolia" is a design collection that breathes new life into the timeless beauty of floral motifs.

With delicate hand-drawn illustrations and clean typography, Magnolia captivates guests with its refined elegance and simplicity. It's floral without the fuss!

And when presented in black, this timeless design takes on a whole new level of sophistication. The contrast between the dark background and the intricate floral patterns creates a striking visual impact, changing what can be a very typical wedding invitation into one packed with mystery.

Not sure about flooding your entire wedding invitation suite with black? No problem. Just pick out a couple of pieces and add a shock of black to the set for the ultimate impact.

Luna: a black invitation sprinkled with stars 

Enter the enchanting world of the Luna collection, a luxury wedding invitation and stationery collection with a playful and mystical twist.

With its minimalist celestial arrangements scattered throughout each piece, Luna invites your guests to embark on a journey as they explore your invitation suite.

And naturally, when presented in black, this collection takes on a mesmerising allure. The dark backdrop accentuates the sweet little star motifs, creating a captivating contrast. After all, what better colour to represent the night sky?

So add a sense of mystery and elegance to your wedding invitations with this sweet yet bold design. The Luna collection in black is truly a winner when it comes to a black wedding invitation, captivating hearts and minds with celestial charm.

Melbourne: a black invitation based on understated impact 

Looking to get personal? Try the Melbourne collection. Contemporary and packed with understated style, this timeless design makes for a fantastic wedding invitation.

Melbourne effortlessly combines modern sans serifs with a personalised monogram, making sure that memories last forever.

This collection is designed for couples who seek a suite that resonates with a glamorous event. The sleek and sophisticated fonts bring a touch of modernity, while the personalised monogram adds a unique and personal touch that won't be forgotten. 

When presented in black, the Melbourne collection exudes an air of timeless refinement. In fact, we'd go as far as to say wedding invitations in this design look their very best in black!

Narrative: a wedding invitation in black that takes personalisation seriously 

If the Melbourne collection doesn't offer enough personalisation, then Narrative certainly will. 

Built on a simple and sophisticated design, Narrative takes a number of motifs and symbols (which couples choose themselves) and uses them to create a unique one-of-a-kind design. Looking particularly gorgeous in black and white, Narrative is super modern yet classy.

And as you can see in the photo above, you don't have to go 'all out' and wash out your entire invitation suite in black in order to achieve the desire impact. Paired with some beautiful greens, dark blues or even reds and oranges, Narrative sets the scene for super sophisticated weddings that are packed with individual character. 

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