When it comes to wedding celebrations, summer might be the go-to season. But what people don't talk about enough, is how magical winter weddings are. Decorated with rich hues, uplifted by warm hearty meals and topped off with fabulous wedding attire, we're here to tell you that tying the knot during the winter season is not so bad after all. In this article, we offer ten helpful tips to make a winter wedding dreamy and delightful. And before you think a winter wedding has to be based on a Christmas theme, think again. There's a whole world of winter wedding planning to uncover, and we're about to inspire you.

A wedding of winter wonder

Rich colour palettes, cosy fabrics, mouthwatering food and drinks that warm your soul; winter weddings have got something special going on. And not only are winter weddings a whole lot more affordable than their summer alternatives, they're simply underrated.

Imagine walking down the candle-lined aisle in your long sleeve dress, dressed up in a fabulous faux fur coat that takes luxe to a new level. Then, picture your guests inside your coy venue, sipping on signature cocktails that capture the essence of the cold winter season. Not to mention, the fun photo possibilities.

Tips for planning the dreamiest winter wedding

Get ready to dive into some of our top ideas and tips for your very own chilly but characterful celebration. Start the trend amongst your group of friends, because winter weddings are about to become the new obsession. 

1. Dress for the cold and embrace it

So, you've chosen a winter wedding! Great choice. One of the first things (besides your venue) you'll want to think about is what you'll be wearing, because depending on where you live, you could be preparing for some chilly weather. 

Put simply, for your big event, embrace the cold and dress for the season. There's nothing wrong with cosy outfits, layers and gorgeous jackets. In fact they can add a whole lot of elegance and class to a wedding.

Opt for long-sleeved gowns, faux fur wraps, and you could even choose stylish boots to help you stay warm and elegant. If you're wearing a suit, consider layering up, wearing luxury looking jackets with thick materials and match your vibe with the winter weather. 

By dressing for the cold, you create a cosy and super memorable ambiance for you and your guests, whether you're under the big city lights or in the countryside. Embrace the magic of winter, bundle up, and make your special day truly unforgettable!

2. Prepare guests for the weather possibilities 

When you plan a winter wedding, it's not just yourselves you have to worry about. In fact, your guests will find it super helpful if you provide them as much information as possible when it comes to the weather conditions, the attire they require, and anything else that might be helpful during the colder months.

Will there be a cloakroom? Should they bring a winter coat for an outdoor ceremony? Should they wear shoes that won't get stuck in the mud? Think about what you'd want to bring as a guest, and write it on your wedding website or in your invitations.  

3. Go for a bold colour scheme 

Winter can be grey or white, and therefore in need of a little colour. This is where your colour scheme comes in. Embellish your wedding with a colour scheme that complements the coldness of winter, and let it shine at your venue. 

You might enjoy red roses as an ode to the Christmas season, or if not, rich blues or greens can also be a wonderful choice. Although light pastels colours might look fabulous in summer, they may not be the best choice in winter (having said that - anything goes of course!).

Finish off your venue with some impeccably designed and printed wedding stationery from Peppermint Press, and get your event shining bright amongst the grey of the winter sky. 

3. Prepare your photographer 

Whoever said that winter wedding photos aren't incredible? The truth is, winter can set the perfect scene for moody photographs, which have a dramatic atmosphere. It can also make for romantic umbrella shots and 'dancing in the rain' vibes. 

Work with your photographer to warn them of the potential weather conditions at your event and ask them for their advice when it comes to winter wedding shots. Gather some inspiration online and make sure you take some of your favourite shots with you so that you know what you're getting. 

A well planned wedding photography session will make or break your photos, especially during winter when a little extra effort is needed. So think props, hair, backdrops and more, and you'll be ahead of the game. 

4. Choose a venue that compliments the winter season

Not all wedding venues suit the winter months. And whilst you can convert any venue into a beautiful wedding venue, it's worth noting how much work you want to put into it. For example, whilst a city centre warehouse might be incredible cool and a little edgy for the summer months, during winter this could feel cold and uncomfortable unless dressed up.

Spend some time exploring wedding venues which feel cosy to walk into during the winter. Maybe they have cosy decor, rich colours, smaller windows, comfortable furniture or even fireplaces. 

If you're planning your wedding a year in advance, you'll get to experience that cosy feeling during the winter months. So visit some venues, and seek out the 'feeling'. 

5. Make your venue cosy

Once you've settled on your venue, there are some things you can do to make it super warm and cosy.

Use soft and warm lighting, such as fairy lights or candles, to set a romantic glow. If possible, incorporate a fireplace to add both warmth and a cosy ambiance. You can also incorporate textured fabrics like plush throws or velvet table runners for a tactile and inviting feel. Then, bring in natural elements like pinecones or winter flowers to enhance the winter aesthetic.

Plus, consider adding a warm beverage station and infuse the air with seasonal scents to complete the cosy atmosphere. 

6. Kit out your venue with helpful winter items

But it's not just about how your venue looks. There are some practical elements to consider at your wedding which you may not have thought about. 

Some couples choose to provide boots at the doors for those who need a breath of fresh air, as well as matts on which to brush off any mud upon returning in. You could also provide some umbrellas in case of rain.

What's more, with reference to your warm colour palette, you can also provide comfortable seating options with cushions or blankets, so that guests can settle into their seats for the night with top-notch comfort!

7. Use candles, sparklers and fairy lights 

Using candles and sparklers at winter weddings adds an extra touch of warmth and enchantment to the celebration. Candles have long been associated with creating a warm and intimate atmosphere, and their soft, flickering light can instantly transform any space into a romantic haven.

Similarly, sparklers can bring a magical element to your winter celebration. As the night sky darkens early, sparklers can create a stunning display of light and joy. Have your guests gather outside, holding sparklers as you make your grand exit or have them pose for a memorable photo opportunity. 

And although they're not truly alight, or as authentic, fairy lights can add another decorative layer to your wedding celebration. Running through your venue or outside, they'll create more ambiance and lots of photo opportunities too.

9. Select a tasty, warm winter menu 

While no one likes to fill up too much at a wedding, choosing a warm and tasty menu for a winter wedding is important to ensure guest comfort and enjoyment.

Crave-worthy dishes like comforting soups, hearty main courses, and indulgent desserts provide warmth and satisfaction. So, include dishes like roasted meats or indulgent veggie dishes, creamy mashed potatoes, and warm fruit crumbles or chocolate brownies to leave your guests feeling content and delighted.

A thoughtfully chosen menu adds to the overall experience of your winter wedding and ensures that guests are well-fed and ready to party! 

10. Pick winter cocktails and wines to compliment the weather 

A well presented and exquisite drink is just what you'll want to serve at your winter wedding. So, when planning yours select winter cocktails and wines that complement the season and fill guests with warmth.

Opt for cosy and warming cocktails that incorporate flavours like cinnamon, nutmeg, or spiced fruit if that's your jam. You could even serve mulled wine, hot toddies, or festive martinis. Not sure about a Christmas themed wedding? Simply create cocktails with an essence of warmth, or which complement your rich colour palette. 

For wines, consider full-bodied reds like Cabernet Sauvignon or Malbec, which pair well with hearty winter dishes. Crisp white wines with citrus undertones can also be refreshing.

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