Planning a wedding is an exciting journey filled with countless big decisions. But amidst the chaos of selecting venues, dresses, and menus, it's the thoughtful and heartfelt details that truly make your special day memorable. So in the later stages of your wedding planning - when the venue is booked and the photographer picked out - which details should you focus on? In this blog post, we provide you with 10 inspiring ideas to infuse your wedding with memorable touches. From personalised favours to sentimental decorations, these thoughtful details will make your wedding truly unforgettable and undeniably yours. 

Creating a memorable day 

When a couple begins planning their wedding, they typically have a common goal in mind: to create a truly memorable experience. After all, a wedding is not just a ceremony. A wedding is a celebration of love, a reflection of the couple's unique personalities and a gathering of important guests.


Everything that comes with the planning process makes your wedding what it is. The decisions you make throughout, including choosing your theme, your colours, venue, dress and caterers, all help you to carve out a unique day and make your wedding truly yours. 

But once the big and most important tasks have been ticked off, what can you do in order to make your day even more memorable? What unique details can you unveil at your wedding which can help you to leave a mark on your guests. In this article, we tackle this exact topic. 

Thoughtful details for a memorable wedding

From drinks menus to monograms, guestbooks to wedding favours, we're about to share some helpful ideas which might ignite a spark of creativity and help you to create a memorable event.  

1. Start with customised wedding invitations 

Your wedding invitations tell a story. They set the scene for your upcoming event and give your guests a taste of what's to come. Therefore, choosing the right invitations is key to making your wedding unique and memorable. 

So when it comes to selecting the perfect invitation, there are a few things to consider. What kind of colour palette are you hoping for? What should your wording be? What kind of style are you wanting to portray? Perhaps classical, traditional, modern or even retro? Think about how your invitations match to your venue too.

Once you've given some thought to these kinds of questions, you'll arrive at the perfect wedding invitations to match your event. When your guests open them, they'll be introduced to your unique taste as well as a visual representation of what's to come at your event.

2. Write personal notes to your guests 

Who says that your table settings should only include menus and place names? Why not go a little further and write individual notes to your guests? Tell them about how glad you are that they could join you on your special day, perhaps share a memory or tell a story.

Although this kind of detail can be time consuming, it is a guaranteed way to add a little more thoughtfulness to your day. Likely to be touched by the gesture, guests will take their notes home and treasure them for years to come!

3. Arrange a mid-wedding date 

With the rush of a wedding day, one of the major wedding disappointments that many couples experience is the lack of quality time together. The fast-paced nature of the day can mean that there's no time to reconvene and reflect on how the day is going. If this is a concern for you, consider incorporating a brief period of half an hour specifically dedicated to you and your partner enjoying a small date.

Take a walk, enjoy a coffee, or simply sit somewhere and have a chat. You can schedule this time between the evening meal and the reception, or utilise it as an opportunity for photography. Take a photo of each other in this moment and you'll remember it forever! 

4. Choose a less-than-typical guest book 

A guestbook is a fabulous way to make sure you have a material memory of your guests on your wedding day. But have you ever considered using something other than a book?

At some weddings, guests are now choosing to have their 'guestbook' swapped out for something that has meaning for them. Perhaps you and your partner have a shared love of travel. Provide a globe and have your guests write messages on countries across the world. Otherwise, offer a large canvas and frame it in prime position in your house. 

Alternatively, you could direct guest to do something more specific. Provide them with cards containing prompts and spaces to fill in their advice or wishes for the couple. Later in life you'll be able to pick these up and read them with your partner. You could do the same thing with Jenga blocks! Be as creative as you like - you could also use small pebbles or even a puzzle which has meaning to you. 

5. Personalise your drinks menu 

Want to add a dash of personality to your wedding drinks menu? Get ready to shake things up! Start by crafting signature cocktails with catchy names. Select a drink that has a meaning for you; perhaps it was the first cocktail you shared together, or one you loved during your travels. It might even just be a drink which matches your colour theme, or the era or location you're trying to express through your decor. Add funny descriptions that perfectly capture your style or wedding theme and you'll be well on your way to making your drinks menu memorable.

Don't forget to display your drinks on a menu which totally fits with your drinks and your vibe for the whole package. 

6. Have help with your music 

Having your friends assist with the music at your wedding is a fantastic way to infuse a personal touch into your special day. One way to do this, is to ask each guest to provide the name of their favourite song before the event (feel free to offer some guidelines where you like to avoid range of genres that is too wide). Make a playlist for the late night hours with these songs and enjoy the energy when your friends hear their songs of choice.

Going further than this, you could also enlist friends with musical talents to actually play at your wedding. If they are willing, your guests' musical talents will offer a level of intimacy otherwise hard to achieve with wedding music. From playing instruments to singing, their involvement will make the celebration even more memorable and meaningful.

7. Create a custom monogram

What better way to make your wedding unforgettable than to actually give it a brand? Specifically, we mean adding a touch of personalised elegance to your day with a stunning wedding monogram.

With a uniquely designed monogram, crafted with the initials of the bride and groom, you'll have a symbol of your wedding, love and future for years to come. It's like your very own love stamp that can be sprinkled throughout your wedding details, from the invitations to the décor and even the wedding favours.


With Peppermint Press's Melbourne collection, you can enjoy an included monogram in your designs. From invitations to wedding welcome signs and menus, you'll be able to show off your monogram with pride across the event. 

8. Go for personalised table names 

We've all been to wedding where the couple has opted for table names rather than numbers. Often chosen under a theme, table names can be based on places you've been together as a couple, your favourite drinks, your favourite books and so on. 

Some other ideas might include: 

  1. Shared interests
  2. Song titles
  4. Personal memories
  5. Nature-inspired names
  6. Inside jokes
  7. Significant dates 

9. Brighten your venue with personalised stationery 

Wedding stationery is one of the most subtle but effective ways to make your wedding venue shine with personality. With the ability to express your personal style, your stationery will help to leave a mark on the minds of guests and create a gorgeous overall aesthetic for your event.

Here's a list of stationery you will need for your wedding.

With Peppermint Press, you'll work with one designer throughout your order, who will work to integrate your vision into your dream stationery. See our stationery collections here.  

10. Unique and memorable wedding favours 

Wedding favours are tokens of appreciation distributed to guests by the bride and groom as a thanks for attending their wedding and sharing in a joyful occasion. Instead of being grand, costly, or extravagant, wedding favours merely need to put your own personal stamp on your big event and leave a memorable impression on guests. Sometimes considered treasured keepsakes, they are a heartfelt gesture that adds a special touch to your celebration.

From little bottles of rum, to chocolates, seeds to plant or candles, wedding favours can be anything you like. Looking for some unique ideas? We've got some for you!