Selecting and designing your wedding signage involves more than a simple 'add to basket'. Although at Peppermint Press we take on the effort when it comes to achieving the perfect wedding stationery, there are still some important choices to be made. One of these is selecting the correct size for your wedding signage. The size of your signage plays a crucial role in ensuring that your messages are clearly seen and understood, while it also makes a difference to the overall aesthetic of your big day. In this article, we advise you on the best wedding signage sizes, making your stationery sit perfectly amongst the scene of your once in a lifetime event.

Finding the perfect size for your wedding signage

One of the difficulties with planning your wedding stationery is that it's hard to know just how to size up your signage. When handled independently and without the help of experts, couples often misjudge the size of their signage and end up printing table signs, seating charts and welcome signs which are far too small. 

In doing so, your wedding signage may go completely unnoticed; whereas if it's too large, it can overpower your overall decor. Striking the right balance when it comes to wedding signage is therefore absolutely key.

Luckily, as experts in designing and printing wedding stationery, at Peppermint Press we know exactly what sizes your wedding stationery should be in order to serve a purpose, pack a punch and shine bright at your event.

Wedding signage sizes: a helpful guide

In this handy guide to wedding signage sizes, we will explore the factors to consider when deciding on just how big your wedding signage should be. 

What size should my wedding seating chart be?

Responsible for sharing with guests where they should be sitting, a wedding seating charge should be large enough for everyone to read (young and old eyes included!). Paired with a beautiful stand or mounted onto a wall, your sign should be placed in a central position for all to see and gather around. 

At Peppermint Press, we always recommend using one of three options; A1 (594x841mm), mid size (594x1000mm) or A0 (841x1189mm). So how can you decide which is best for you? Essentially, the answer depends on your wedding venue.

If your event is intimate and you have planned your wedding in a small room, hosting under 50 guests, you could opt for an A1 size seating chart without any worries at all. In fact, your venue could be far better suited to this size.

However, if your venue is somewhat large and your guest list is lengthy, then the opposite applies. Still not sure? You could also consider how cluttered (versus minimalist or empty) your venue is too. If your venue is large and presents a fair amount of empty space, a large seating chart could be just right for you.

What size should my wedding welcome sign be?

Taking prime position in your wedding venue, or at its entrance, your wedding welcome sign is so important. It's the first taste your guests have of your wedding, and it sets the scene for the big day.

So when deciding on the size of your wedding welcome sign, it's always better to go bigger than you might expect. As a result, we aways recommend using A1 (594x841mm) welcome signs. With enough space to print your names in a large font, and to offer guests signage big enough to take photos with, A1 is almost always the preferred size. 

It's also worth remembering that your wedding welcome sign doesn't have to be created in a simple rectangle shape. We offer our customers all kinds of cuts for the wedding signage. From arches to ripples and waves, you can have your signage made just how you like it.

What size should my table numbers be?

In our experience, table signs are often made too small. Ultimately, you want the table signs to be noticeable and to complement the overall table decor, without forcing guests to come too close to read the numbers. Of course on the other hand, your signage shouldn't be too large or obstructive. 

For these reasons, that we almost exclusively print our table number on A5 size card. Not sure if this works for your wedding? The ideal size for wedding table signs could vary depending on the size of the tables.

Using small round tables? You could go smaller. Our perhaps you have some space to fill on your tables. Then it's advisable to stick with A5.

What's more, if you have a small and intimate wedding, your table signs could be smaller if you wish. Just remember, that in almost all situations, A5 will suit your venue and tables and offer guests a practical font and number size which stands out but doesn't overwhelm your decor.

What size should my cards and gifts, guest book and photo book signs be?

Although your cards, guest book and photo book signage needs to be seen, it doesn't necessarily need to stand out in a way that your welcome sign does.

Existing to guide your guests as they move around your venue, these signs are little reminders dotted across the wedding, drawing people in and encouraging them to get involved where and when they wish. 

It's therefore advisable to opt for A4 signage with all three of these wedding signs. We have found that if you go any larger, your wedding can become a little overwhelmed with signage, whereas any smaller, and guests don't notice your signage at all.

Are you thinking of including some other signage at your wedding? Perhaps a petal toss sign or even toilet signage for example? A4 is a great size for these other small details. 

What size should be wedding bar signs be?

When it comes to bar signs, it's really up to you how big or small you'd like your signage to be. Sometimes presented as fully furnished menus - and other times simply displaying words such as, 'open bar' or, 'drinks on us' - your bar signage can suit different sizes. 

In our experience, most clients like to use either A4 or A5 signage for their bar, depending on factors such as how big the bar is, how much information they want to display, and the purpose of the signage itself. 

For your bar signage, it might be worth taking a piece of paper at home and imagining your text on both an A4 and A5 piece of card. This way, you'll be able to picture what your bar will look like and how prominent it will be at your venue.

Work with expert designers at Peppermint Press to bring your wedding stationery to life 

At Peppermint Press, we offer our signage in a variety of sizes, but we highly recommend certain dimensions for certain pieces of signage.

Learn more about our large wedding signage and how it works here. Otherwise, take a look at the smaller signs you might require for your guest book, table numbers and so on, here.