Big audiences aren’t for everyone. The thought of 150 pairs of eyes on you and your partner at your wedding can be an intimidating thought. For this reason, and many more, micro weddings have gained huge popularity in recent years. Intimate, cost-effective and relaxed, micro weddings can provide you with a real - and often highly personalised - wedding experience, without the fuss of huge crowds. In this article, we talk about micro weddings and offer some compelling reasons to host your big day in the smallest way. 

What is a micro wedding?

A micro wedding is an intimate celebration with fewer than thirty guests. It’s really as simple as that. Usually costing less and providing a more relaxed, shorter celebration than traditional weddings, micro weddings offer couples the whole wedding experience, with fewer guests. 

Unlike elopements, which take place in secret, micro weddings still involve all the elements of a traditional wedding. Thoughtfully-planned, just like a full wedding day, they are simply carried out on a smaller scale. 

Also different from what is often termed ‘intimate weddings’, micro-weddings typically host very few guests, where intimate weddings might welcome thirty to sixty guests through their doors. 

Now that we have answered the question ‘what is a micro wedding?’, it is helpful to understand the reasons that couples decide to plan their big days on a tiny scale.

Why have a micro wedding?

As a result of the rising cost of weddings as well as the pandemic (and its crowd restrictions), micro weddings have become an increasingly popular trend in recent years. Sometimes said to be more in line with the times, micro weddings seem to have adapted to our modern day lives. 

Those couples considering eloping, but afraid of the bold statement, can relax in the knowledge that an ‘in-between’ option exists!

Of course micro weddings aren’t for everyone. Many people feel as though they would like all their family and friends in one room on their wedding day - and that’s fine. However, for the select few who enjoy all the perks without the fuss, a micro wedding with your tight inner circle could be for you. Below, we outline some of the main reasons modern couples are making micro weddings their go-to choice. 

1. Lower cost 

The average Australian wedding typically costs from $36,000 to $51,000. Not ready to spend your savings? Excited about the idea of a splash-out honeymoon more so than your wedding day? Micro weddings are estimated to cost at least 50% less than traditional weddings in Australia. With less people to feed, smaller venues and quite simply, a need for less of everything, little weddings can help those looking to get married on a budget. 

2. Greater intimacy

Weddings thrive on special touches and personalisations. From handwritten place cards to carefully considered wedding signage, it is likely that you want your wedding to speak from your heart, straight to guests. At a micro wedding, intimacy is greater and personalisation - much easier. Let’s just say, it’s much simpler to integrate those really special touches for 18 people than it is for 150!

3. Room for creativity 

Guests at a traditional wedding expect just that; tradition. Whether you enjoy them or not, a general order and structure to your day is likely to unravel. On the other hand, with a micro wedding - since you’re already making a statement with your miniature guest list - you can focus on what really matters to you. Throw out the rule book and rethink what your wedding means to you. Fancy a pre-ceremony breakfast but don’t want the first dance? Perhaps keen on the speeches but only late in the evening? A little wedding allows you to create the perfect event - just how you like it.

4. Reduced planning 

With RSVPs slowly rolling in and stress levels increasing, wedding planning can be a hectic time. Arranging all the details of your event can be time consuming, especially when you have a long guest list. But with a micro wedding, you'll have fewer people to cater for, fewer invites to send and smaller orders to send to suppliers. Plus, you’ll enjoy a shorter lead time, with no need to send out invites a year in advance. 

5. Less spotlight 

Although some people enjoy the spotlight at their wedding, others don’t. If you're not comfortable being the centre of attention, fewer guests means fewer eyes on you. With a smaller guest list of only your closest loved ones, you can feel more at ease and relaxed on your big day.

6. Money to splash out 

If your budget didn’t allow for your expertly designed seating chart and the stunning invites you could only dream of, a micro wedding helps you to achieve that. With reduced costs across the board, you will have the budget left to splash out on the suppliers you love. Whether it’s the more expensive menu, better champagne or the perfect wedding stationery, it’s up to you were you want to spend your money.

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