We're (re)open!

Welcome to the opening of Peppermint Press' new website! We have been working hard to deliver a new experience that we hope you love.

The new website allows you to browse our collections and build your own stationery set for your big day - all with complete visibility and control over your paper and print methods. Your design will then be created by us in partnership with you to ensure everything is perfect before it goes to print. 

Who are we?

As you may know, Peppermint Press was founded by Carla way back in 2012. She had the simple idea that quality wedding stationery should be available to all brides in a variety of budgets. Since that time, myself (Anna - Carla's sister) and my partner Evan have taken over the business from her and are proud to unveil this new site. We also have a bunch of other new exciting developments that we cannot wait for you to experience.Heartfelt Invitation Mockup

Launch Collections

We are launching our new store with 4 of our favourite collections: Heartfelt, Clair, Confetti and Native. We are planning on adding new collections soon, and already have a number of great ideas on our mood boards.

In the coming weeks we will be writing about each of these collections and our personal tips and favourite colour pairings for you to see for yourself.

Are you going to offer more than 4 collections?

Yes! When Evan and I took over the business from Carla, we spoke to her about your favourite designs and the stationery her brides love. We then chose those four as our initial launch collection, but we do want to add to this.

We don't want to speak too much about our plans at the moment as we are still very much in (re)launch mode, but we plan on having releases at different times of the year. Each release would have multiple collections within it, so you will be able to have complete choice and flexibility to build as much or as little as you want when purchasing your stationery.

What else? What if I want something different?

If you don't see anything that catches your eye - check out our Instagram and our Bespoke page. We have other designs that we are more than happy to work with (it was hard to go down to just 4 for the launch), or we can build you something completely from scratch. 

Moving forward we want couples to be able to browse all the stationery they want with upfront pricing and be able to choose as much or little as they need - all while knowing they will get quality, personalised stationery delivered to their door (free delivery in Australia!) without any hassles or chasing around for quotes. 

We are super excited about our new website and launch collections. We look forward to working with you, and cannot wait to see the amazing stationery that we can build with you for your special day.

Anna and Evan