Creating a wedding tablescape is a true art form. Not to be underestimated in importance when it comes to the overall aesthetic of your wedding, a tablescape can ‘wow’, and make all the difference. So whether it's flowers and vases, candles, elegant cutlery, plates and personalised stationery, in this article we're here to guide you through crafting the perfect wedding tablescape of your dreams.

Wedding tablescapes for a flawless event

A well considered and designed tablescape catches the eye of every guest. Offering couples with a way to add style and impact to their big event, they are certainly worth your attention.

Built upon table cloths, adorned with flowers, sprinkled with detail and finished with glassware and cutlery, your tablescape comes together using a number of elements, but they’re totally worth the effort. In this article, we bring your most desired tablescape to life, offering a little inspiration along the way.

What is a wedding tablescape?

As the name suggests, a wedding tablescape is a carefully curated arrangement of elements at your wedding, that adorn the reception tables, creating a visually stunning and wonderfully cohesive setting for the celebration.

Tablescapes encompass a range of decorative elements such as gorgeous floral centrepieces, romantic candles, table linens, dinnerware, glassware, and personalised stationery elements like place cards, menus and favours. Often, couples choose to have them designed to reflect the wedding theme, the couple’s style, and to match the setting and tone of the event.

As a focal point for guests to gather around and enjoy the festivities, a tablescape is where the fun and the magic of a wedding day truly begins.

Top tablescape tips before you start 

Creating your dream wedding tablescape is like crafting a work of art, and so it’s best to begin with an open mind and blank slate.

So before we guide you through each stunning element with some savvy tips, let's first dive into some essential tips and styling points to kickstart your creativity:

  1. Start by reminding yourself about the tone, theme or style of your wedding.
  2. Consider layering up your elements for visual depth, without overcrowding your tables.
  3. Think about playing with varying heights for added interest and a more balanced tablescape.
  4. Mix textures for a more appealing design.
  5. Infuse some magic with candlelight, and inject life into your tablescape.
  6. Consider adding to the experience with personalised touches that reflect your story.

The most important elements of a wedding tablescape

With a few basic rules in your pocket, it’s time to take out the pen and paper and begin planning some of the main elements of your tablescape. From choosing colours, to selecting flowers, each step will help you create the aesthetic you’ve been picturing, or that you’ve seen in the magazines. 


Selecting the colour scheme at your wedding is a crucial initial step in wedding decor. If you’re at the step of creating a tablescape, you probably already have a good idea about your wedding colours and palette, but if not, now is the time to ponder!

Whether aiming for a neutral, whimsical, or modern look, this decision sets the stage for all other elements to truly harmonise and bring things together. We suggest incorporating three hues into your tablescape palette. For instance, if your bridesmaids are wearing pink or lilac, opt for a similar shade, a neutral tone, and a contrasting color like sage or burgundy. You will also want to choose your metal colour at this point.

Cloths and fabrics 

It’s all about the fabrics! Tablescaping is about building appealing layers, with tablecloths, table runners, placemats, napkins and napkin ties, thus offering depth to your table design. 

Often left until the last minute, fabrics are sometimes neglected, however, they’re an important layer to consider.

Consider chiffons, linens, silks, velvets and cottons (as well as anything else you fancy) and offer your tablescape a strong from which to get creative.


The enchanting allure of blooms, whether fresh or dried, often takes center stage as the crowning jewel of wedding tablescape decor. And now that your armed with a strong colour palette, you’ve got everything you need to start selecting your blooms.

Ensure that the flowers you select align with the overall style and mood of your wedding, whether it's formal, relaxed, or unconventional. You might like to embrace the season by incorporating in-season blooms that reflect the time of year, allowing the natural beauty of the season to shine through.

Otherwise, you could also consider the shape and size of your tables when selecting floral arrangements, tailoring the designs to fit the specific dimensions. Long tables suit tall arrangements whilst round tables can benefit from low overflowing blooms. There is of course no right answer!

Flatware, glasses and cutlery  

Another important base element of your wedding tablescape is your flatware, playing a truly transformative role and holding the power to elevate the entire tablescape. Charger plates, positioned beneath the dinner plate, present an opportunity to enhance the setting, whether through ornate designs, metallic finishes, glass constructions, or textured options such as rattan, adding a captivating touch to the overall table arrangement.

Then, there’s glassware and cutlery. Glassware, much like a subtle finishing touch to an outfit, adds shine and glamour to your tablescape, enhancing the overall effect of your reception aesthetic. For cutlery, it's important to choose pieces that not only serve a functional purpose but also infuse personality into your tablescape, making a statement that reflects your style. Perhaps browse some homewares websites and gather some inspiration to help you decide what works well with your wedding style.


Creating a romantic ambiance hinges on the warm glow of candlelight, so infuse your wedding table settings with an abundance of candles in an array of vessels, varying in shapes and heights.

From elegant tapered candle holders to striking candelabras, let the flickering flames of your candles cast an enticing aura throughout the celebration.

Make sure your prioritise safety by diligently checking for any potential fire hazards within your setup!

Wedding stationery 

The final touch, but the one which arguably adds the most personality and individualism to your wedding tablescape, is your wedding stationery. 

From carefully placed place cards, to expertly designed menus, table numbers and more, your stationery holds the power to transform your tablescape.

Infuse your wedding with character and uniqueness. At Peppermint Press, we offer you the chance to create personalised stationery with help from our gorgeous design collections and expert designers. 

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