A cohesive wedding is something every couple tries to achieve. From the colour scheme and the theme, to the dresses and the invites, we all want a wedding that looks seamless, professional yet effortless. The truth is, the style and look of your wedding holds tremendous significance in shaping the overall experience. So to elevate your event, it is essential to pay attention to the minute details that can make a substantial impact. Adding those carefully selected elements will truly make a difference. In this article, we look at how to achieve a cohesive look at your wedding and offer some tips to help you on your way.

So, what is a 'cohesive' wedding?

When you hear ‘cohesive wedding’, what do you imagine? Perhaps a highly considered event where a colour scheme, decorations and backdrop all tie together seamlessly? Perhaps one whereby the dresses of bridesmaids match the wedding stationery and the flowers? Maybe you're transported to an outdoor wedding where a strong nature theme pervades in every tiny detail.

Whatever it is we think about when we imagine a cohesive wedding, one thing is clear; some people just get their wedding planning so right! If you’re currently in the initial stages of planning your wedding, it’s a great time to start considering the way in which all the elements of your wedding will be tied together. In this article, that’s exactly what we’ll be helping you with.

How to achieve a cohesive wedding look: 6 top tips 

From invites to flowers, dresses to locations, you’re about to get some top tips to make sure that you’re ‘one of those people’ who creates the perfectly cohesive wedding.

1. Select a theme

Get on your thinking hats, it’s time to select a theme for your wedding. As you embark on this thrilling process, this will be one of the most important parts to achieving a cohesive wedding look. To choose your wedding theme, reflect on your collective interests, gather inspiration, and consider the season as well as the kind of venue you’ll be choosing. Next, determine the desired formality and select a color palette and aesthetic that resonates with you. As you start working, you will begin to identify common elements that emerge. Remember - stay true to your personalities and your love story!

2. Make an inspiration board

A great place to start once you’ve begun conjuring up your wedding plans in your mind, is to get them all down on paper in the form of an inspiration board. This creative process will keep your vision on track (with no straying!). Using either a physical board at home, or perhaps just a Canva design, begin collecting ideas onto your board for all the visual aspects of your wedding. In doing so, you’ll find that the finer details of your wedding will all fall into place. It is so much easier to actually plan your perfect wedding when you have it visualised and on paper in front of you, plus this can be a really fun and exciting task to do with your partner. 

3. Sort out your location 

Choosing a wedding location that aligns with your theme is crucial to a cohesive wedding look, yet many couples make the mistake of selecting a venue solely based on its aesthetics. When you’re looking for venues, the excitement makes it hard for you to identify what doesn’t fit in with you theme. So during the wedding venue selection process, pay attention to the details at the venue which will either elevate or take away from your theme. It's important to remember that a pretty venue may not necessarily be the perfect fit for your desired theme. For instance, if you aim for a clean and modern ambiance, a barn may not be suitable. Try looking at the venue’s previous wedding photography and gauging the kind of look that previous couples achieved for a better idea of the venue’s potential.

4. Pick a colour palette 

It goes without saying that one of the most important parts of creating a cohesive wedding look involves selecting a colour theme. Your chosen colours have the power to either effortlessly tie everything together or create a messy look at the reception (if not carefully considered). Once you've come to agreement about a color scheme that fits your vision board, finding the decor to match becomes relatively simple. In time, you’ll be creating a unified aesthetic that will shine in your wedding photos. But be careful! While it may appear effortless, adhering to a cohesive color palette can be tricky. Stray a little to the wrong shade of green and you might begin to take away from your cohesive look. 

5. Choose your flowers

What is a wedding without some beautiful flowers? Incorporating flower arrangements into your wedding day can elevate the ambiance thanks to their vibrant colours, natural beauty and the connotations of romance the they carry. In order to get yours right, head to Pinterest or browse your vision board and begin pairing up aspects like dresses, theme, and color scheme with your flower ideas. Engaging with a knowledgeable florist to discuss your floral arrangements is priceless during this stage. These experts possess the skills you need to guide you in selecting flowers that seamlessly complement your overall theme.

6. Tie in the wedding dress

Location - check. Flowers - check. Now it’s time to consider your wedding dress. You might think that the wedding dress you choose should purely represent your personal style. But you’d only be 75% right. Your wedding dress should also integrate seamlessly into your day and should fit beautifully into the setting and theme you’ve chosen for your event. Planning a fairytale wedding in a castle? Choose a magnificent dress to match. Looking for a rustic wedding in a barn setting? Perhaps stick to a more simple, humble look.

7. Select your wedding stationery 

Your wedding stationery is absolutely key to ensuring your wedding appears cohesive on the day. In fact, it’s the finishing touch that gives your wedding its personality and edge. When selecting your wedding stationery, it's essential to ensure it aligns seamlessly with the theme you have chosen and the colour scheme you desire. Whether you opt for a refined and understated theme and select a simple monogram, or embrace an earthy and rustic ambiance, it's crucial to integrate these elements into your stationery. Your wedding stationery serves as the initial impression of your wedding, making consistency absolutely vital.

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