Flowers don’t go out of date. Associated with sunny spring days as well as celebrations and romance, they’re a perfect addition to your wedding invitations. Hoping to incorporate some florals into your wedding invitations? At Peppermint Press we have carefully designed a number of beautiful collections that will provide your wedding stationery with the sophisticated look you’re chasing. In this article, we share four of our favourite floral wedding invitations, helping you to present yourself as a couple in the most beautiful way. 

Floral wedding invitations 

Nature provides some of the best inspiration for weddings and celebrations. Come spring, and floral blushes, pinks and greens offer a fresh palette, just before summer brings a multicoloured array of wildflowers. In autumn, deep reds match orange hues on the trees, then in winter bright whites and greens transport us to the cheery festive season. 

Thanks to the breath of colour and design possibilities that nature and flowers offer, floral designs have remained highly popular within invitations suites over the years.

Quite simply, no matter what time of year you’re celebrating or the style you’re hoping to portray, there’s a flower to match your vibe. 

Why choose floral wedding invitations? 

There’s a flower for every occasion 

One of the main reasons that couples opt for floral wedding invitations is due to the great variety that flowers bring to the table. Colours and seasons aside, floral designs can be based on an array of plant species. With each offering their own symbolic value, and everybody having a favourite, the options are endless and have the ability to represent you personally.

Floral is always on trend 

Flowers never go out of date. In fact, they truly go hand in hand. Whilst the link between flowers and love has its roots deep in ancient Greek Mythology, traditions of flower-giving have remained strong for many many years. Plus, floral designs always look elegant, tasteful and appealing.

A soft commitment to a theme 

Want to tempt your guests with a taste of what’s to come at your wedding? Selecting a floral design is a good way to ‘soft-commit’ to a theme without tying yourself down to something more specific. Fancy a country wedding with a native theme? Flash some eucalyptus in your invitations and get your guests excited for the big day.

4 floral wedding invitations by Peppermint Press

At Peppermint Press our floral wedding invitations are carefully designed and created using high-quality card. Below, we go into detail covering four of our favourite floral invitations, offering you a chance to decide the kind of invites you’d like.

habitat floral wedding invitation suite


We begin our list of floral wedding invitations with Habitat; a minimalist, nature inspired collection that offers understated sophistication. Pairing illustrated eucalypts and botanicals with serif fonts, the collections brings to mind a tranquil Australian theme.

habitat wedding invitation


The clean, nature-inspired design of Habitat pairs well with fine lines to create very subtle floral wedding invitations. Whilst our examples above utilise neutral shades of pink and brown, you could also choose to enhance your Habitat invites with a green palette for a bright yet natural aesthetic (for example, you might like to try Forest, Hinterland or Seedling). 

Explore Habitat here.  


In contrast to Habitat, Palms is a design collection which shines with tropical flare. The design’s fluid handwriting and exquisite floral illustrations offer a sense of fun sophistication. Delicately embellished with luscious hand-drawn leaves, Palms is the perfect way to brighten up your invites (and the faces of those receiving them!). 

palms floral wedding invitations

Match your palm floral wedding invitations with our Sorbet colour scheme to bring out the tropical nature of Palms. Otherwise, opt for darker shades for a more dramatic look. 

Explore Palms here. 


Classical, clean and charming are three words used to describe Magnolia. Those looking for floral wedding invitations will love the simple yet romantic theme of this beautiful design. Magnolia is timeless, clean and uses simple typography, offering you the chance to personalise it how you wish (using colours and cuts).

Great in whatever colour you choose, Magnolia looks especially good in pinks, neutrals or even blacks. The choice is up to you!

Explore Magnolia here. 


Personalised designs

At Peppermint Press, we offer a certain level of personalisation that puts us above many of our competitors. Not only providing customers with their choice of colour scheme and die cut, there is also an option to customise your floral wedding invitations. 

Looking for a sleek design using a specific flower or floral pattern? Opt for our Narrative collection and choose up to twelve from over thirty pre-existing illustrations. In doing so, you’ll be able to tailor your wedding invitations to your likes. 

Can’t find the floral design you’re looking for? Just ask us. We can hand-illustrate a floral design just for you.

Explore Narrative here. 

Order your perfect floral wedding invitations with Peppermint Press

At Peppermint Press, we want your experience to be smooth, exciting and stress free. That’s why we have put in place a tried and tested process which helps you navigate this often confusing process.

You'll work with one designer throughout your entire order. Our designers will always share a presentation of your product with you and ask for feedback, giving you as much say as you like in the process. 

It is important to us that we integrate your vision into your stationery and create pieces that reflect you as a couple.

Learn about our process here. 

As well as floral wedding invitations, we offer a number of modern impactful options to suit your preferences.

Explore our collections here. 

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