When it comes to your wedding, enlisting the help of wedding stationery professionals is a wise decision. These design experts possess an extraordinary talent for turning paper into a captivating testament to your special day. So by selecting the right stationery business, you have the opportunity to elevate your wedding to new heights of professionalism and elegance. But with a plethora of talented wedding stationery businesses in Australia to consider, it becomes crucial to ask the right questions to find the perfect match. In this article, we give you a head start in finding the perfect wedding stationery provider, by sharing some critical questions that you'll want to ask.

Selecting a wedding stationery provider

There are certainly a lot of wedding stationery providers out there, but they're not all created equally. With some specialising in particular design styles and with a large variety when it comes to budget and quality, it can seem like a daunting task to pick your provider. 

For instance, while one designer may specialise in crafting exquisite custom wedding wax seals, another may prioritise the use of eco-friendly and sustainably sourced materials. One might cost half the price of the other, and one might offer design-only, digital stationery.

So one of the best ways to know who is best suited to design and print your stationery is by equipping yourself with a carefully curated list of questions. In doing so, before engaging in vendor discussions, you'll feel empowered to effectively evaluate and compare stationery designers and printers based on the factors that hold the greatest significance for you.

The important questions to ask your wedding stationery provider

Consider this list your ultimate guide as you meet with your final selection of stationery designers. The questions in this article will delve into the intricacies of their unique processes, allowing you to discover their artistic style and identify areas where they can contribute special touches that you may not have considered but will make a significant impact.

You'll also find that these questions provide valuable insight into the level of precision and expertise of each stationery provider (putting them to the test a little!).

Feel free to adapt the following list to your need. Here are nine of the most important questions to ask your wedding stationery provider.

1. What is the scope of your work? Do you offer design and printing?

In a world where both digital and physical products are sold online, it's vital to find out whether your carefully designed wedding stationery actually involves printing (and thus the final product delivered to your door).

While it may seem super obvious, it is worth noting that in today's market, numerous small businesses out there are offering wedding stationery services that involve customised design, followed by the delivery of digital files for you to print yourselves.

To ensure a smooth and stress-free experience leading up to your wedding, it is therefore essential to have a clear understanding of the specific services provided by your chosen stationery provider, thus avoiding any unexpected surprises.

On a lighter note, it is also just simply beneficial to be aware of the diverse range of wedding stationery designers and printers available.

By familiarising yourself with the various options, you can make an informed decision that aligns perfectly with your individual preferences and requirements.

2. Will you send samples of our stationery?

Every wedding stationery provider will do things a little differently, so it's important to know how your design process will move forwards. Does your designer offer a consultation? Do they design your wedding stationery from scratch? And do you get to see your designs before they're printed? 

We recommend choosing a business which allows for a review of your designs and offers at least one round of feedback. In selecting a stationery provider which offers this service, you can ensure that your products are just how you like them, taking out the stress of unpacking a big surprise only weeks before your event.

3. Do you specialise in one particular style? 

In many cases, you can get a feel for a wedding stationery provider's brand and style from their website. What kind of colours do they use? Are they timeless or trendy? Do they use calligraphy or a more modern font and feel? Is the general style classical, or more leading towards 2024?

Having said this, you can get a much better idea of what your wedding stationery provider does best by asking them what they specialise in. Ask them about their preferred and specialised style in order to get to the bottom of which products are most popular with their clients, which designs they are known for and which they know for sure to be showstoppers. 

You might actually find that asking this question either gets you excited, or makes you realise you're best suited for a different kind of designer. Are they using all of the words you love to hear? Timeless, beautiful, understated, high-quality? You may have just found your match!

4. Do you offer customisation?

When it comes to wedding stationery, customisation is queen. It is not only the ability to select the perfect wording, but also the freedom to choose colours that truly enables your wedding stationery to reflect your unique identity as a couple.

By opting for a company which offers personalised stationery, you can effortlessly infuse your wedding with a harmonious and consistent aesthetic, adding an extra layer of sophistication and charm to your special day.

Not sure if the stationery you've found matches your wedding and brand? Then it probably doesn't. Find a provider who can help you make some small tweaks until you reach wedding ready perfection.

5. Do you consider sustainability in your designs and process?

The truth is, weddings can be wasteful events. In 2024, it's absolutely vital that everyone keeps in mind what kind of impact their wedding has on the world. So why not ask your wedding stationery provider about their sustainability initiatives and make sure you're keeping your eye on the ball when it comes to environmental impact?

When asking this question, stay savvy about greenwashing by looking out for small actions that are over exaggerated, or for strong environmental marketing tactics that aren't backed up by facts, evidence or certainty.

If your chosen wedding stationery provider knows their stuff, and environmental impact is important to you, you've found a winner! If not, you might choose to look elsewhere. 

6. Can you help us ensure that our invitation suite and stationery align with our wedding style and aesthetic?

By asking this question, you'll allow your provider to share their passion and to help you envision your wedding. If you feel excited by their answer and gain confidence in their service and ability (perhaps they even show you some examples) then you've probably found a wedding stationery provider that can support you through the process.

After all, a provider that is confident in their ability to enhance and match your wedding aesthetic is one not to let go of! 


7. What printing techniques do you offer?

Always dreamed of an elegant foil press invitation? Or perhaps a classical letterpress thank you letter? You're not alone!

Many clients enjoy the luxury printing elements that come with expert printers. It's therefore important to find out whether your stationery provider offers a variety of printing methods before you get started. 

You can ask about foil, digital or letterpress printing, and also ask about their specific methods. It might also be worth noting that some designers print in-house and others send their products away for printing.

Just keep in mind that in the case that your designs are sent away for printing, the process can be a little less flexible and less personalised, with more space for communication issues.

8. Do you tell us what to write on our invitations?

Your wedding invitations and stationery should say exactly what you want them to, however, a little guidance never hurt. Your wedding stationery provider is likely to know what is popular, what works well, and what sounds great, however they'll also  want to listen to your input.

By asking your provider this question, you'll therefore be able to gauge the level of personalisation, professionalism and the level of customised service you'll be receiving.

Does it seem like your provider is offering a one size fits all situation? Or is it a bespoke service designed, sealed and delivered with passion?

9. How long will it take to receive our stationery?

What is almost as important as your wedding stationery being perfect? It being delivered on time. When you start a conversation with your stationery provider, it is important to ask just how long each stationery element will take for design, printing and delivery. 

A great provider will guide you through this process and offer a schedule for when each piece of stationery should be designed, finalised and delivered. Don't leave it up to chance! Late stationery should be avoided at all costs.

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