To your ever growing list of wedding stationery essentials, you might be wondering whether to add some wedding drinks coasters. And it's not a bad idea! Wedding coasters - although normally considered practical more than anything - make for a great way to add a touch more detail and personalisation to the tables at your event. Whether you're hoping for a dash of colour, or a novel way to bring your table plan to life, coasters can be a welcomed addition to your tablescape. As big fans of the wedding drinks coaster, we're about to share some of our favourite coaster designs with you. Prepare to be inspired with these nine beautiful examples of Peppermint Press wedding drinks coaters.

Wedding coasters: a rewarding final touch 

If you're at the point in your wedding planning process where you're pondering over the smaller details, that's a great sign! You've got the majority of the work out of the way, and the wedding countdown is on. 

One of the great parts about this stage - where you're focusing on decoration and detail - is that it's super fun and extremely rewarding. Watching your wedding plans come together seamlessly is exciting, and making final touches to your decor can truly make all the difference.

It is at this point that wedding drinks coasters might be brought to your attention. In this article, we're going to show you just how much difference a fun little wedding coaster can make to your tables, show you some beautiful examples and help you decide whether the wedding coaster is an "I do" for you and your big event.


What are wedding drinks coasters?

Without further ado, wedding drinks coasters are small, flat objects that are placed under glasses or cups to protect the surface of tables or countertops from moisture or heat. Let's face it, they're not too different from the coasters you'd have at home, at a bar or perhaps a pub. The only difference is, at your wedding, they're a little less about practicality and more about appeal. They're also entirely yours to bring to life.

As a result, wedding coasters can also serve as decorative elements and personalised keepsakes for wedding guests. Customised with designs, monograms, colours or personalised messages to match the wedding theme, they're handy little details that pull together your table decoration. 

Typically used during the wedding reception, or even at cocktail hour, coasters can also be used in place of wedding favours for guests, who can take them home as a memento of the special day. 

9 beautiful wedding drinks coasters waiting to tie your wedding aesthetic together 

Thinking wedding drinks coasters might have a place at your wedding? In the remainder of this article, we share some of our very favourite examples. From romantic and traditional, to bright and breezy, now is the time to consider what might fit right in at your wedding.

Please note that at Peppermint Press, our keepsake coasters are printed on premium coaster board material, and can be personalised to fit your wedding colours and wording. Our place card coasters are printed on our premium card stock and provide an alternative to a standard place card in either a standard or white ink.

It's also worth noting that our wedding coasters are made within our expertly-created design collections. Explore other products within each design collection to achieve a cohesive wedding look on your big day.

1. Palms Keepsake Coaster

Beautiful Palms is a collection that brings a touch of the tropical to your big event. Created using an elegant blend of structured typography along with flowing, handwritten words, it's modern with a touch of the classic. With this design, you'll enjoy beautifully illustrated palm elements, helping to add a fresh and tropical touch to your table. 

We adore these Palms collection wedding coasters in bright colours such as the shade of pink above, as well as refreshing pastels and shades of green. 

2. Melbourne Place Card Coaster

Classy and modern, the Melbourne collection is all about understated impact. Particularly with a black and white palette, this specific wedding coaster packs a punch! And when you choose the Melbourne collection for you coasters you'll also enjoy your very own personalised monogram. This is the ultimate coaster for the event where glamour is everything!

3. Magnolia Keepsake Coaster

The gorgeous Magnolia design collection is a new take on a timeless floral design. Far from being overly flowery, it's modern and delicate, incorporating delicate hand-drawn illustrations and clean typography.

Magnolia wedding coasters looks great in the pink shade shown above, as well as in lots of different colour palettes. Take your pick!

4. Verona Place Card Coaster

The Verona place card coaster is one for the romantics. At a destination wedding in Europe, or a rustic affair in the countryside, Verona looks incredible in light and neutral shades. Inspired by the timeless charm of Northern Italy, this is a collection often chosen for romantic and classic weddings. 

When you choose Verona wedding coasters, you'll be able to choose between illustrations of sweet peas, orchids or roses, making your coasters even more personalised.

5. Luna Keepsake Coaster

Dreamy Luna is a collection all about the stars and the night sky. Decorated with minimalist celestial arrangements, these beautiful wedding coasters are perfect when paired with other Luna collection elements such as menus, seating charts and more. 

Often chosen in white or navy colours to maximise the impact of the starry night sky, Luna is a wonderful addition and exquisite attention to detail that won't soon be forgotten.

6. Narrative Keepsake Coaster

Classy, classic, but simultaneously modern, these Narrative keepsake coasters offer you the chance to paint your own love story. Narrative is a collection which allows clients to personalise more so than any other collection. Select your favourite mementos, memories and adventures and express them with hand drawn illustrations. You'll be offered up to twelve from over thirty available options to tailor your stationery, or alternatively we can illustrate an item of your choice for an additional fee.

Depending on your preferences and choices of symbol, Narrative will see your unique love story represented on tables across your wedding. A special touch, we think!

7. Wave Keepsake Coaster

The wonderful Wave design collection brings a pop of colour and a taste of 2023 to your wedding reception. Wave was designed to represent the summer months, but with a touch of retro styling. It's on the casual side of things, created to make you think of vibrant blooms and summer fun.


Shot in our Sunray colour theme, the wedding coasters shown above makes any wedding look fun and vibrant. However, any bright or pastel colour looks great on the Wave keepsake coaster!

8. Balmoral Keepsake Coaster

Classically Australian Balmoral is a design collection made for Sydneysiders with a love for the beautiful seaside suburbs of Sydney. Elegant and understated, these Balmoral wedding coasters are a nod to the ocean and a taste of barefoot luxury.

For a wedding by the coast, in the city, the countryside or wherever it might be, these coasters look beautiful in peaches and pinks, as well as neutrals. Having said that, you're free to choose any colour palette you wish and which fits the theme of your big day!

9. Estate Place Card Coaster

Estate is a design collection created to celebrate your modern day love story. With its fonts pointing to sophistication with a modern twist, this is a diverse collection which thrives on simplicity. 

Printed above in dark olive greens, Estate wedding coasters are perfect for any event and can be enjoyed in a multitude of colour options.