As professional designers, we work to create wedding and event stationery at the highest levels of quality. Hot foil delivers an elegant, detailed and truly memorable metallic shine to your design. In this article we explain the processes that help make hot foil stationery a reality.

Milan hot foil rose gold on black 

Hot foil – what is it?

The hot foil method utilises heat to fuse metal foil to card stock, leaving a detailed metallic imprint in the card stock.

The first step involves your chosen design being etched onto a brass or magnesium die. We provide your finished design to the die maker who then produces a negative of which to etch or cut into the metal block. These look similar to the letterpress blocks below to give you an idea.

Letterpress Dies

With the metal die created, the die is placed into the press machine, foil rolls between the die and card stock before being pressed down onto the paper as the machine shuts onto the design somewhat like letterpressing. The applied heat activates an adhesive layer of the foil, which allows it to attach to the paper. This process is then repeated as many times as is required.

An important thing to note is that as the design is etched or cut into metal, the design is static and cannot be personalised for the guest by adding their name to the invitation, as a new plate would need to be produced for every invitation.

Why opt for hot foil stationery?

There are numerous benefits to choosing the hot foil method for your event. The metallic, reflective finish is eye-catching , offering a timeless and sophisticated design that’s bound to impress your guests.

Bespoke Foil Press Invitations

Hot foil provides an extra level of finish and beauty that digital printing and letterpress alone cannot achieve. Due to the rise in popularity of foiling over the years, new innovative foil colours and styles are constantly being produced to push the method even further. If you’re looking for stationery with a refined finish, hot foil could be the choice for you.

Experience our work first-hand

Our hot foil stationery range includes some amazing collections with harmonious colour themes designed to make your event the best it can be. To get started, we strongly recommend that you order a sample pack so that you can really see and feel the quality of our work for yourself.

In addition, our One Product, One Tree promise means that any product you purchase – even if it’s just a sample pack order – will give back to the environment through the planting of trees. This way, you can enjoy luxury with the knowledge that you’re doing so in a meaningful and sustainable way.

One Product, One Tree

We look forward to working with you on your event. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or live chat.
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